Funny Monkey


You make me laugh out loud

Ha Ha

While Im at work stocking foods and things


I dropped something

Manger comes and yell at me

Spit fly here and there


Youre fired!

Words ring thru my ears

No job?

What am I to do?

Live in a alley or a hinghway

Gas guzzlers go by


Hit whatever can't be seen in front

Watch out!

Driving license came out of a cereal box

Up I go

In the air

Carboard box house and all

Oh Monkey,

What have you done?

Manager wants me to leave

Please don't

Frown appears on his forehead

I need this job

This job will do fine

Scrub Scrub

Wash Wash


Fire me not!

Monkey save me from this


Monkey sprang in action


I really mean OW

Thats got to hurt

There goes an ear

An eye

A nose

Somebody is going to the hospital

Get down Monkey!

Im already fired

Remember the good times?

When we were having fun

Talking about oh ah

And bananas

Not understanding one bit

But loving it truly

Makin faces at babies

As they go by

Switching price tags

Messing with old folks

Just living the high life

Oh well,

No work

No problems

Walk through the sliding doors

Forget this

I'll get a new job

Stoking foods and things

Start over fresh

Skip town

Just you and me


Laughing all the way