Woman in White

The sun tried to warn me that my wings are made of wax,

But the things I did to kill myself reminded me of brighter times.

The waves blew in the open air,

But the window it beat upon has been shut ever since.

The moon anchored the night and let me hide in the hours before sunrise.

Then I shipwrecked the sun, just to find a little more blue.

All these things collapsed the day I found a use for the knives

That hung in the kitchen, too dull to smile.

I plunged them screaming into the boiling sea,

And I bled from my heart for the first time.

Feeling alive is more important than feeling fine

When you've had neither for the passing of too many years.

The sand under my knees crackled with the life that fell from me.

The beach was beautifully empty when I was found by a woman in white.

She filled me with warmth that blood could not measure

And made me realize that life is a season passing.

It ends as soon as it begins, and so comes the next.

Persevere, and find life in the newly-blossomed trees.

They have survived longer than all of us.