The bed was small, too small for a full grown adult man, but than again with his illness torturing him, Caleb didn't notice the size of the bed. It was the third week he had a fever and his symptoms were only getting worse. It was clear he had been the newest victim of the Great London Plague. He looked around the room barely keeping his eyes open. He just wanted his last look of life to be her, but she was nowhere in sight. He could only see their friends…

"She didn't come, Caleb," Angel said as she knelt down beside him. She saw him try to move his lips but no words came out just a failed attempt to breathe naturally. She couldn't stand to watch him struggle to breathe. The plague was about to take what was left of him and the love of his life was nowhere in sight.

Darien smiled at Angel as she walked away from Caleb crying. It was hard for all of them to watch this. Darien stroked away the blonde hair that fell in Caleb's face and kissed him on the forehead. "I'm sorry to se you go like this brother."

Caleb closed his eyes in reply. He was losing the battle against the plague, even they couldn't save him. It was almost as if it was a curse or a spell of some sort. The disease was just too strong to have come from rats.

Lucas looked at everyone. It was sad to see one of the six of them go. All that they had left had been each other; no one else would ever understand the connection they shared. Their souls were bonded to each other. It was as if they were all one person. He sat down next to Caleb and pulled the blanket up. He didn't have much energy left and his pulse was slipping.

Ashleigh nodded her head and walked over to him. It was clear that Caleb was no longer with them. She looked at the door and then back down at Caleb. She couldn't believe Khaesta would…

"Caleb!" Khaesta ran though the door and threw herself over him. Her beloved, how could he leave her…? She wasn't strong enough to go on without him. Tears streamed out her cheeks as she held on to his motionless body as if she herself was fighting for her last breaths.

Khaesta looked around at everyone. They were in a small town in England and most of the other villagers had been hit by the plague. They would all soon lie in their own death bed. It was a lifetime of friendship, love and faith. Could they all meet again in another lifetime, and would they still be the same?

Ashleigh pulled Khaesta off of Caleb as the other walked out the door. Khaesta couldn't even look back although she felt a cold darkness take over the room as they left. It was probably just the death of Caleb hitting her hard.

Caleb tried to reach for them to prove he wasn't dead, but something held him back, something hid his actual state of well being hidden. Someone didn't want him to be with his friends. He felt cold almost as if his body was being turned to stone.

He looked up at the ceiling only to see a black cloud of smoke engulfing his body and choking him from the outside. He felt like his body was being pushed into the size of a pea. The pain was triple times worse than the plague. This was the real evil he feared.

The weeks following Caleb's death only seem to get worse. Khaesta had to deal with death after death of the only people that loved her. She was an outcast from society with a baby in her womb. There was no way she could survive on her own. But she refused to let the Stevenson name die down because she was a stupid teenager in love.

She packed what little bags she owned and headed to Scotland. Her great aunt lived up there and was more than willing to help her favorite niece. Khaesta just had to get as far away as she could from England and the devastation it held in her heart.

Lucky for her, the darkness never followed her. She gave birth to a lovely baby girl and watched her family move to the new America where dreams came true. Hopefully her daughter and her family will have a brighter future than her past…