Deanne sat back on her heels, brushing the sweat off of her forehead with a gloved hand. She sighed and looked to her garden, smiling with satisfaction. It was finally done. The long hour of planting and re-planting was finally finished. She touched the last plant that she had planted, running a now un-gloved hand over its silken petals.

There weren't many days like this anymore. Where she could sit back and just watch the day go by, or have a day for just her. But today was the start of a new life. A new everything. She watered the plants and then headed inside.

It wasn't twenty minutes later, just as she'd stepped out of her shower, did the doorbell ring, causing her to curse lightly and throw on a light blue robe.

She answered the door, looking out to see a small boy.


"Yes, Miss! How are you today?" He asked, clearly excited and smiling cutely at her. He had pale blonde, long hair and soft white skin, hardly tanned at all despite it being summer already. He also had pale, grey blue eyes that seemed to glitter happily at her.

"I beg for your pardon miss, but may I please ask you a favor?"

Deanne blinked in surprise. Favor? What kind of favor?

"It depends. What's the favor?"

"Well," the boy began, looking down to a smallish basket that had a blanket over the top. It was then that she noticed the pale grey clothes he wore. Who was he? Was he lost?

"I was wondering, ya see, if you'd take this special basket. I can't keep it, mind, and I need to find someone pure to hold it or keep it. Which will you?"

"I'll keep it," Deanne began, but before she could continue, she had the basket in her hands and the boy was off with a shot and a thank you, leaving poor Deanne completely confused. Slowly, she closed the door and peered down at the basket, curious, and wary. She had just moved out to the country, and already she had mystery guests? She took a seat in the big chair by the windows.

I wonder what he gave to me… Deanne thought, pulling the blanket back cautiously. What she found bewildered her beyond her dreams. An egg laid there, in a hue she thought she had never seen before. Or had she? But no, it was a totally new color to her, she decided. She placed her hand over it, realizing how hot it felt. Almost like it was inside wasn't hard.

Infact, it felt too warm. Maybe it was a dyed egg that was still warm from broiling? She decided not to chance it, and instead, she simply stared at the egg, wondering what to do with it.

"What on Earth do I do with you?"

It didn't reply.

The thought that she was talking to an egg drove her to smile at the ridiculousness of the situation. She searched the blanket, looking for a note of some kind, any kind. She found nothing and sighed, looking at the egg once again with a raised brow.

"Trouble maker," she grumbled. She re-wrapped the blanket around the egg and set the egg in the sunniest spot in her home, with a light shining on it. What else could she do? Deanne went back out side to the front, and busied herself with planting tulip bulbs and a dark-petaled rose plant.

She had only just stood up when she'd heard a crash from inside her house, like that of pottery breaking. She went inside hurriedly, glancing around.



The tawny grey cat replied, Rowling its challenge at her. Rabbei was her pet cat, who loved to create havoc and act tough, but in reality, the cat was calm, good natured and a baby at heart. He only acted tough when someone has been around or when something was threatening his territory.

"You get down from there!" Deanne ordered crossly.

He jumped up near the egg, perching himself near it, as though he were proud of himself. Oh, you crazy cat . . . Deanne thought to her self, and proceeded in cleaning up the jokers cookie jar. It looked like the joker from batman, or, at least it had. She swept up what remained of a few of his teeth, and tossed them unceremoniously into the trash.

Later on, she was being her curious self, and had the egg in her lap, turning it and looking it over. It was quite a heavy egg, actually, being almost as big as an ostrich egg. Sometimes she heard or, rather, felt, a few light taps from the inside. What was it? What kind of an animal was it? It tapped every time she turned it quickly. Not like, tap. More like, TAPTAPTAPTAPPP!

She was sure it would drive her insane if it hatched soon, so she stopped and just sort of stared at the egg in confusion.

What did one do with a noisy egg?

How did one care for an egg?

And better yet… what would she do if/when it hatched?

All good question with no answers. Lovely. She hated the plan already.

She rewrapped the egg and put it where the lamplight shone on it. Then she went to the bathroom, brushed her hair, and changed into her light blue pajamas. Then she went to bed, curling around a pillow that she liked to hug in her sleep. Sleep came slowly.

She kept thinking of the egg and of the complications that would come with it if it hatched.