A Walk at Night

I steal out the window like I'm using the door

And touched down in the roses biting,

But I don't even feel.

The sky's full of moon and so are the trees

As I creep beneath the eaves

Until the danger of an open window passes like leaves

Running fast across the road in a fall evening's breeze.

The summer wind has its turn tonight, though.

Blacker shadows in the dark move in the shapes of monsters,

But fear holds no plot in my mind.

Something much stronger blankets me.

The Wildwood surrenders to an open field,

And I see her shape against a hill

Stretched out underneath the stars as she is herself.

She holds the hand of someone young;

Someone smiling with the fireflies.

I feel a hand in mine as well

And a smile, for I recognize him instantly.

It's been forever, but you never forget that face.

We both release ourselves and watch them chase the light

As embrace pays in diamonds that fill the sky,

But it still doesn't dull her flawless beauty.

The tightness in my stomach finally dissipates.

My breath catches electric,

And I ask for a kiss before I go.