Watching You

I'm watching you,
Hearing you, and
You're frightening me.
You're fighting,
You're dying,
You're wearing away.
And you're so far gone
That you can't stop yourself.

This cancer,
This poison
Is spreading inside you.
Your mind and your body:
It's breaking you down.

Faster and faster
You're running in circles.
You're caught in a trap.
You can't see
What's happening
In the blur of you vision
As your mind runs too fast.

This isn't a life
That you're living.
But, a slow,
Drawn out death.
Each step brings you closer,
Each step comes too fast.
Your own mind
Turns on you
With carnage and slaughter.
And bravely you fight
Without fear,
Without wavering.

But when you fight with yourself
You're the only one who dies.

I can't help you,
I can't save you.
So I sit here and cry.
You're my friend
And I love you,
And I'm watching you die.