October winds ripped at the oaks that grew on the sides of the dusty dirt roads that all led to the tan brick courthouse. Rain fell in sheets, soaking everyone to their very core. The dust was kicked into the air and mixed with the rain to make mud. It cacked the long deerhide coat of a young man, about the age of 21, as he walked into Wild West Saloon. "Wild West Saloon, a few shots, and a game of poker. No better way to end a day," he thought as he swung through the doors, suprised to find a commotion over at the poker tables.

Ignoring the crowd, he walked to the bar and ordered a shot of whiskey. He glanced up as all the men roared and a shamefaced cowboy walked out from their midst. He sat on a stool and ordered the strongest drink from the bar. The bartender, Frank was his name, poured a glass of Jack Daniels and slid the glass to the downtrodden cowboy.

"Did they clean you out again, Richard?" Frank asked, leaning on the bar to look at the younger man. The cowboy glanced up. He stole a look at the crowd and looked back at Frank.

"They?" he asked," They? Oh no Frank, there is no 'They '. Its all him." Franks eyes widened and the young man knew he was missing something. He glanced between Richard and Frank then finally had the guts to ask.

"What's goin' on?" he asked, taking a sip of Frank's specially made draft beer. Richard started, as if he hadn't noticed there was another person at the bar. He gave the young man a wide eyed look and asked Frank a hushed whispered question. Frank nodded and turned to the young man.

"Y'ain't heard?" he asked, glancing at the crowd then back at the young cowboy and Richard.

The cowboy shook his head.

"There's a new fella in town. He plays poker, real good, ya know? He been winnin' all them boys out o' their money sin'e...may'o'...noon. Ain't nobody know who he is, and he ain't willin' to let nobody find out," Frank said. He glanced nervously at the group one last time, then went back to cleaning dishes.

Another roar broke out from the cluster of men, and a single figure stood up. He shouted out to the rest of the bar that wasn't in the circle, "Any of you yella' bellied men who call yourselves cowboys willin' to challenge me?!"

Taking a risk for what wouldn't be the last time, the young cowboy stood up.

"I will."