By Izzy

The rain pounded on the walls of the shed, the deserted one in the backyard. Moisture seeped through the cracks, soaking the wood completely. To the girl in the window, the shed looked alive. With each breath she took, it breathed with her. In and out, slowly and deliberately. It hypnotized her, capturing every ounce of her attention. Calling to her. The dark rain continued, vibrating loudly on the thin glass. The girl squinted. In the darkness, the shed looked like it was softly glowing from the inside.

Josephine…. The wind whispered against the glass.

This girl moved slowly away from the window, the words of her father echoing through her mind. Never go to the shed, no matter what. Honor your mother and honor me. Promise me Josephine. And she did promise never to go, but she somehow always found her mind wandering towards the empty old shed. What was in it? Was it bodies? A portal to another world? Maybe it was just was it looked like, just a rackety old shed that her father was afraid of falling on her.

Josephine shivered. Blaming the cold weather, she headed over to her bed, snuggling into the warmth of her blankets. Closing her emerald eyes, she fell into a restless sleep.

Images and sensations plagued her mind, tossing and turning. The face of her father, then a warm blackness flowing through her body. The embrace of a stranger. The antique grandfather clock chimed slowly, bringing forth a seemingly dark midnight.


A velvety voice was calling her name, but the voices in her mind were screaming for her not to answer. The warm blackness, the stranger. She was tangled in her blankets. She couldn't breathe.


Her father's voice was yelling at her. Don't go Josephine! REMEMBER YOUR MOTHER! DON'T YOU GIVE IN! The warm blackness, the smell of sweat and the taste of salt was overwhelming her.

Josephine. Josephine! JOSEPHINE!

The window cracked, the wind howling its rage. No one likes being ignored.

Josephine woke with a start, bolting up in her bed. Her breathing was heavy, her silk pajamas clinging to her, covered in sweat. She looked out the window, looking at the still raging storm. What time is it? She thought to herself, and she looked across her room to the old grandfather clock. Three o'clock in the morning, it seemed, or the raging storm was so terrible that is covered the sun. Her hand clutched her heart, trying to calm down. He could feel it beating fast and wild against her chest.


Now she knew something was calling her now. And that something was coming from the shed. She wanted, no, needed to know what was in there that was so terrible that even her father feared it, and how it related to the disappearance of her mother. She slid on her leather shoes, and putting on her cotton robe, she slipped out of the old mansion into the vast backyard, the wind and the rain seeming to pushed her towards the shed.

Come to me my love…

She was in front of the door. She could see lights coming from the inside, feel the heat radiating from it. She put she hand tentatively on the know, turning slowly, cautiously. She opened the door.

It was a masquerade.

Hundreds of people were inside a vast, brightly lit hall, dancing, laughing, and sampling the most delicious looking foods she's ever seen. She stepped in, and she wasn't in her pajamas anymore, but a beautiful scarlet gown with gold lace trimmings. Her ebony hair was plaited atop her head, and elegant golden necklaces and rubies were adorning her fingers and neck.

She was enchanted.

Josephine was immediately swept up in the dancing. Being spun around and around by mask men and women, she couldn't stop, even if she wanted to. But the key thing is that she didn't ever want to stop this dancing. But then the crowd slowed down and stopped, the crowd parting, and in the middle was the most stunning man. Besides Josephine, he was the only one unmasked. He was dressed all in black formal attire, different from all the others who were dressed in the most outrageous colors. His clothing contrasted greatly against his pure white skin, his platinum hair glistening in the lights of the chandeliers. His piercing grey eyes were looking straight at Josephine, and she knew immediately this was the one who was calling her. He called to her even now, with his whole being, with the way he looked at her so intensely. He held out his hand to her.


She slowly came forth, and even though she felt her body burning for this stranger, this man, she was wary. Was this what her mother saw when she went out and never came back? Was it a trap? But she felt her hand wrap itself around his, and a cheer roared throughout the crowd.

Everyone started dancing.

It was a fast, dizzying dance, but he held her against him and guided her throughout the whole thing. She felt herself melting against him, closing her eyes and her head resting against his chest as they moved around the room. When she opened her eyes, they were alone, the hall gone, replaced by a cozy room.

He didn't say a word as he bent his head forward and gently brushed his lips against hers, sending sparks of electricity through her body. Soon their clothing peeled off like the onion skins, and they were on the floor, their passion mounting. His hot lips were everywhere, their hands were roaming, and he was inside her.

She took ragged breaths as he slowly toyed with her, going fast then going agonizingly slow. Going in so far that she moaned a writhed with pleasure, and sometimes going so far out that he almost left her. She was constantly between ecstasy and agony. Then he was going at one, perfect speed, pumping in and out.

She screamed when she came, that comforting blackness that she has only dreamed about engulfing her mind and body.

The incubus in the shed looked at the body below him, he lifeless eyes gazing out at the roof. He sigh, and gently picked her up and placed her in the corner, next to the wet, decaying body of her mother.

They never last very long, and he was so lonely…