A Life for A Life

"My love for you is eternal and pure and we will be together forever; yes until the end of time."

Introduction-From the Author

The truth is, I've never written a book before. I've never even really given it a thought!

I like to read though and my friends have been telling me endlessly to write my own piece, so I decided that I'd give it a try.

However, I've never so much been a Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings fan (sorry to all those I may have offended by saying that), I'm more into stories which have a meaning, a deep philosophy or cause. This more than anything inspired me to write a story like this. So that I can share my thoughts with others.

(Note to all reviewers: As this is my first book, it probably wont be great so any criticism which can help me to improve in future literature is completely welcome.)

"I would travel to the ends of the Earth and back again; just to see you smile and hold your hand."


The key to Josef's life is the love of his wife and the future they have together. Without love there is no future, no life; just emptiness. When a heart is stolen, a piece of you dies and cannot be found again without the key. If you truly care you will do anything to find it, even risk your own life.

Josef knows only one thing. His key is missing. And he has to find it. That's all that matters.

"Love has no boundaries. It is precious and should be cherished for a lifetime."