Chapter 5

I see Lynette. She's walking down a dark alley, down a long street, a long town, a long city; looking for... something...

She starts to cry. "Josef! Josef! Why didn't you come for me?"

"I'm here!" I shout to her, "Can you hear me!"

"Josef! Josef! Why have you abandoned me?"

She can't hear me. Why can't you hear me?

Lynny runs off in tears. Suddenly she stops; hears rustling from behind. "Hello? Josef? Josef, you've come back for me Josef! Thank you. I love you. Josef?"

But it's not me. It's someone else. Is that... Is that...

The gun fires and Lynette falls to the ground lifeless.

Josef erupts out of sleep. His face and his body are drowned in sweat and he's hyperventilating.

As soon as he'd come to terms with the letter he ran round the whole town looking for her. Searching in every house, asking every person he'd found. However, no-one knew where she'd gone or where the Germans were going. Finally, Josef had ran all the way to the Central Met Police Station and reported her missing. The forces said that they would look into the matter but it was best that Josef rested in the meantime. After being physically escorted out of the building, Josef was brought back to his house, where he attempted to sleep but to no avail.

He vowed to himself and quietly to his wife out there that he'd find her or die trying.

"Josef! Why did you leave me...?"