Upon The Rock

Our house is built upon the Rock

Upon the Rocky shore,

Where storms and anger and pain brew daily.

Again, and again

Wind rattles our door,

Howling like a hundred banshee.

Again, and again

Death creeps into our house



As we scream in terror.

Again and again,

It coils around the ones I love

And takes their breath away.

But beyond the Rock,

Is the sunny, sandy beach.

Where the sun reigns

And joins in the games

Of the children.

I watch in envy

From my rattled window.

Why Is our house built upon the Rock

And not

On the sunny, sandy shore?

One day

A storm was brewing.

The water boiled,

And churned, and hissed.

The wind began to howl like some horrible wolf ghost.

The waves erupted

And roared like a thousand lions.

The waves were like giant blue dragons

Spitting out blue fire.

They were like ten thousand beasts and nightmares

Awaking from the underworld

And coming

For us.

Our house would be easy prey.

We clung to each other

And listened to the storm's

Terrible music.

The waves flung their massive bodies at our house.

Rain barraged our roof.

Ten million angry stones of hail

Plummeted down

On us.

But no matter how

The mighty storm pulled,

And grabbed, and pushed

Our house held

Fast to the Rock.

But the great nightmare- storm

did not stop there.

It was hungry.

It was greedy.

It flung itself upon the once

Sunny, happy beach.

It opened its great mouth and devoured the houses

The frolicking children

And the happy people.

It roared like a

Giant blue dragon,

Like a thousand lions,

Like ten thousand beasts and nightmares

All roaring in victory.

And, satisfied,

The storm


I now know why our house is built

Upon the Rock.