Chapter one

"I'll see you later, honey!" Kay's mom yelled from the window of her baby blue mustang convertible. Kay walled ignorantly off with her best friend, Dawn, who was skipping along and giggling.

"I am like, so excited that we are back in school! We get to be juniors this year! We can go to prom, go to parties, and go to more parties, uh . . . go to prom, hang out at parties,"

"Gosh, Dawn, you can stop being so immature! Learn to control your little girl voice, it really gets annoying. Anyways, parties are not the thing I have on my mind right now. This year, I have a better goal: Eric."

"Goodness! Are you serious? He is like, the hottest senior Silverton Heights! I can't believe that you are going to try to get him! You know, Anne tried last year, but she got heartbroken. Plus, she didn't make it on the cheerleading squad, which made her really depressed, and then you know that she started dieting like crazy, and then she got all fat, and then . . . wait. What makes you think that he will like you?"

"Just intuition. This year is the year that I am going to finally be able to fit in with the seniors. If I am able to get him, he is going to make me the most popular girl in the entire school. Just imagine, me, hanging out with the seniors, eating lunch with the seniors, getting rides from all of the cute senior boys! Luckily, all of that can be true, if I can get Eric to like me. By the way, have you seen where Ash is? I don't want to be seen around that geeky twin sister of mine. Hopefully, she won't make Eric think I am a dork too! I have to avoid her at all costs. I can't believe her! She is so not cool, and the worst part is, she doesn't care! I mean, everyone at school wants to be on my good side, but not her. Luckily, mom agrees and told her that she can't hang around us all the time. I despise babysitting her!"

"That's so true. She's old enough to grow up and get over it. She should transfer schools or something. That would be so great, but your dad won't let her."

As the two thought they were secretly gossiping, Ash stood leaning against the sturdy brick wall of the school. She had heard all of the hurtful comments that her sister made about her, and knew that they all were just pitiful lies. She thought that this year might be different, that Kay would get sidetracked from her year long efforts of making Ash feel like the world's biggest loser. But enough was enough. This year, Ash way going to get a great guy, great grades, and totally turn her life upside down. She didn't care what Kay had to say, all she knew was that Ash was her sister, she didn't ever listen or try to get to know her. This year would prove Kay so very wrong.

Across the building, Kay was trying desperately to open her locker. She had the combo down last year, but this locker was being so stubborn. She didn't care about the locker itself, just the cool stuff inside, like her make-up and hair ties and comb, all stuffed into her designer backpack that was so totally the talk of the school.

"Hey. Having trouble?" A handsome voice behind her said. Swinging around, she saw the face of Eric Tomzak, staring at her fumbling like an idiot. Her face was the color of cranberries as she stuttered "Uh . . . um . . . Yah, just a. . . Just a little bit." She managed to smile meekly as he took the combo from her hands and expertly opened her locker. Gaining confidence, she thanked him, expecting him to walk away. When he didn't, she blushed furiously, not knowing what to do.

"So, what classes do you have? I have Tech and Biology, then Band and English." Eric said, oblivious to the fact that Kay was so speechless. She handed him her schedule, and he looked it over with interest.

"Tech, History, Gym, and then Math." She said finally.

"Well, at least we have Tech together. Come on, I'll walk you there." Kay snatched her stuff and followed him through the halls. As they were walking, Ash cut right in front of Eric, then turned, flipped her hair around her shoulders, smiled, and said, "Hey guys! Kay, what class do you have first?"

Kay was taken aback at her sister's confrontation. She snapped back at her, yelling at her for being such a dork. Rolling her eyes, Ash left down the opposite corner.

"Wasn't that your sister? Why were you so vicious to her? You know, just because your sister isn't popular doesn't mean that she is totally worthless. She was only trying to be nice to us."

"No she wasn't, she's only interested in ruining my life. You'll see later. She's always tagging along with me just because I'm popular. It's really annoying." Kay said in a hurry. Luckily, Kay thought, Eric didn't seem to notice that Ash was flirting with him. Eric was confused at Kay being so mean to her sister, and started to think that she wasn't all she was cracked up to be.


Dear Diary,

Today Eric came up to me and walked me to class! I really think he likes me! The way he looks at me and makes sure that I have everything that I need or want, I really think that he cares for me. Dawn told me before school that she didn't think that I could get him this year, but now she says I might have a chance. Normally, Eric chooses a really hot senior to go out with all year, and the girl never refuses. I mean, who would? He is the nicest, sweetest, funniest person in the school! All the senior girls were talking about me and Eric today and you could tell that they were all jealous of me. I think this is going to really boost me up this year. I can be friends with all of the popular senior girls, and that would almost make me an honorary senior this year! Of course, then Ash would want to tag along. The seniors won't stand for her though. I hate her so much! She had to come along and flirt with Eric while I was standing right next to him! She has no clue about the rules of dating and thinks that she can just barge into my private life and ruin it! Hopefully Eric doesn't think that I am a snob, because I'm not. Ash is the snob in this family. Last year, she totally got the folders that I wanted to get, and so I had to get different ones. Then, when someone complimented hers, she said thanks without even mentioning that they were supposed to be mine! She just wants to ruin our lives, so this year, I am going to ruin hers. I will make sure that everybody in the school knows that Ash is the geekiest loser in the entire state of Colorado. I'd like to see her face once she knows that everyone who did like her, the whole whopping two or three friends, have turned on her for good. That's what she deserves. All she cares about is herself, and she thinks that we should all bow down to her. If anyone is going to be bowing, it will be at my feet, not hers. Besides, a lot of people actually do that and more will if I am going out with Eric. Oh, here she comes. I can't believe that we have to share a room with each other. All she does all day is sit and listen to her rock music on her iPod. I can't believe that she doesn't want to go shopping, go get coffee, or even talk to anybody on the phone. She is such a loser and it really is sad. Gosh, I am so bored. None of my friends are online, and so now I have nothing to do. You would think that with 47 friends at least one of them would be on, but no. They are all having fun out wherever they are and I am sitting here writing my life story while my loser sister sits across the room from me, listening to music and acting like an idiot. Right now, I really don't think that life could get any worse. I am going crazy. I really need to talk to Eric, to feel better, and to gain up my confidence that my sister will always be a loser. Oh, thank god! Dawn is on! I have to go, later!

KuteKay: I cannot believe that Eric actually came up to me and walked with me to class! He even helped me open my locker!

DawnDQ: I know! What is up with that?

KuteKay: I think that this will get me a spot with the seniors this year! I am so lucky!

DawnDQ: Yah, but you had better stay with us too. But you will. How is it between you and Ash?

KuteKay: Well, she is being the geek that she is, sitting and listening to her iPod.

DawnDQ: Uggh. You know, that is exactly what my brother does. Isn't that weird? Well, Except for that fact that you two are twins and we aren't and the fact that it's your sister and my brother. Uh . . . yah. Or something like that. At least, I think.

KuteKay: Dawn, you are always getting confused. Gosh! Well, I have to go, it's dinnertime. Bye Dawn!

DawnDQ: See you, Kay!