I am NOT GOOD at sharing my feelings. I do NOT have some psychological problem and I DON'T need counselling, I just DON'T LIKE talking. I am also NOT a positive persom, hence all my NEGATIVE feelings are capitalized. Therefore I DO NOT believe discussing my issues will solve anything, but I'm going to do it anyway.

The story starts with my sisters, Freya who's 19 and the eldest and ends with Heather who's 15 and the youngest. Most of the middle is about Stefan Green, a guy who had a massive influence on me. I met him while I was running away but that isn't really a big part of the story. This isn't a love story in the raw sense of the word. It isn't about angst or tragedy or drama or "oh-my-GOD-I-was-a-dork-now-this-totally-hot-guy-loves-me" because as a PESSIMIST, I have to be realistic, and in real life that rarely happens.

This story is about ME. You can clap or boo, I don't care, but you should know. I'm Nelly Redcloak, I'm seventeen, I hate people, I hate chocolate, I hate strawberries, in fact I hate all sweet things, I hate rain, I hate hot weather, I hate everything. That's the way I've always been. But... I have learned to love life.

So I guess that's a GOOD thing.


Como es vida? He volvido, a todo mis amigos fuera ahi! Mi espanol es basura olvido todo la vocabulario, (y estoy estudiando a mi colegio, a "A level")

Forget it. I'm so rubbish at Spanish. I try. ANYWAY! NEW STORY! You like? It's just the prologue, I just want to see how much feedback I get from this... Vinegar & Honey (MAN i hate that title I shall have to change it one day) will be update sooooonnnn but it's not like this story which I expect I can update every week, because V&H requires dedicated thinking time to solve the ridiculously intricate plot which I created with my OWN unreasonable brainpower. But review this one. It's good. It should be. REVIEW. thankyou!