This Heart

This heart inside me
It flames, burning at my soul
I don't want it, nor need it
It doesn't belong to me

I want to rip it out
Toss it to the sky
And watch it dissipate
Into the clouds and the
Stars above my head

Then it'll be free
To love as it needs to
Without boundaries or restraint
Floating with the wind
The leaves that twirl

It'll love, as it wasn't able to
While it was with me
It'll dream, with the
Wishes made upon stars
And breathe a new breath

But it remains confided
Inside me and
I don't know how to
Care for it or what
To do with it

It threatens to burn me out
Consume the fibers of me
And if I suppress it
It flares and rages
Every moment it chances

Where's the water
To quench this heart of mine
Dim it to a warming flame
Or its match that burns with
Equal fire and just as much passion