The Transfer

By: Phoenixblood

The Beginning

Chapter I

"Come on you guys we're going to be late for school!" a voice called out from the bottom of the old wooden staircase. A girl with long dark brown hair that curled upon her shoulders and glimmering gray eyes; her name was Luna Alexander. She waited for her brothers to respond to her call, noticing her father appear beside her.

He was a lean man for his age, small strands of gray appeared on his head of dark, curly black hair; his eyes were a dark brown, staring down at his daughter. His hands were occupied fixing his tie that was wrapped around his neck.

"Luna, make sure the boys get to their football practice okay?" he reminded.

"Don't worry, I'll make sure they get their on time," Luna replied hoisting her side bag over her shoulder.

"Come on guys hustle up!" her father exclaimed up the stairs.

"Okay," one of them replied.

They heard the stairs give off a loud thumping noise as they rushed to the bottom of the steps. They were wrestling each other on the way down, giving off a few blows, laughing in return.

"Justin, Scott, stop," their mother commanded appearing beside their father. The boys instantly deceased from their rough housing. In comparison, they were towering over their mother at their young age of 15 and 16. She was a thin woman, with dark red hair and a pair of unique colored eyes. Her eyes were unlike anything they have ever seen; one was shaded with a light teal while the other was a dark bluish, green.

Justin was the tallest of the group; he was about six foot, had a head of short, bright red hair passed down from his mother along with a set of catching green eyes. Scott was reaching to Justin's height, but it would still take a little while until then. He had a head full of long, curly brown hair with a brilliant set of hazel eyes that looked upon his mother.

Both of them were in high school with Luna, Scott being a freshman and Justin being a sophomore. Luna was just starting her junior year, capable of driving the two of them to school with her without the worrying of the bus transportation.

"All right let's go before school starts without us," Luna suggested, giving her parents a kiss on the cheek, heading out the door. The boys followed from behind, giving off a few punches on the arm on their way out towards the car. It wasn't much of a car but at least it was running; it was an older silver Honda civic that was passed down from Luna's mother. The three of them entered the vehicle closing the doors immediately, driving off from their house.

"I can't wait 'til I get my own car, then maybe we won't have to ride in this thing," Justin commented as he looked around at the car's condition.

"When you get your own car, you would probably drive to school yourself," Luna informed as she glanced over towards him in the rearview mirror.

"I wouldn't mind; it would be better for us. Besides by the time I get my license, you'll be a senior and probably out of the house by then," Justin pointed out. Luna didn't respond she was too busy concentrating on the road. After about another ten minutes or so, they approached the school. Luna turned off the ignition glancing towards her brothers.

"All right, after school I'll head over to the field with you guys and wait till you're finished practice okay?" she informed putting her keys within her the contents of her book bag. The boys nodded in response, exiting the vehicle, heading for the school building, which was packed with a large crowd of moving students. Luna jogged towards the building hastily, trying to get passed the large student body. She squeezed through the crowd, heading towards her locker. The second bell for first period rang, causing her to be late for class.

"Crap!" she exclaimed under her breath, quickly stuffing the last of her books within her bag, slamming her locker from behind. She rushed into the occupied classroom, noticing her fellow classmates stare her down. The teacher, Ms. Olsen, stared her down with an observing look. She was a rather stout woman; she had the librarian look to her with her horn-rimmed glasses and her dark red lipstick that she wore since the first day Luna met her.

"A little late, don't you think Miss Alexander?" she asked in a soft, questioning tone. Luna froze in her place, feeling the heat rise within her.

"Sorry, Ms. Olsen, my brothers-," Luna began, but was interrupted with a hand raised for silence.

"I leave you off with a warning Miss Alexander. Next time I see you late in my class you'll receive a detention," Ms. Olsen explained. Luna nodded in understanding. "Now have a seat."

Luna rushed over to her assigned seat, hearing giggling from behind the classroom. She could feel the heat rise within her, knowing her face was red with embarrassment. Ms. Olsen went on with the attendance, going on with the class.

"Hush! Now, as I was saying before Miss Alexander decided to join us," she began, causing the class to laugh at the silent classmate again.

"I was explaining what you have to do for this test," she added, holding a pack of papers wrapped in her arms. The class sighed in disappointment; Luna's eyes widened in shock.
"Test! When were we assigned a test?" she nearly burst in a loud tone. Ms. Olsen's eyes widened at her objective behavior.

"Well just for your information Luna, during your absence I assigned a test on the history of the English colonies," the woman replied in a serious, straight tone. "And for that remark Miss Alexander, I shall double the amount of writing that you are acquired to pass the essay question. I want it in brief detail as well."

She handed Luna the stack of test papers to pass back to her row. Luna took it with a hopeless expression. She knew nothing about the English colonies; she stared down at the three-question test blankly.

Why couldn't it be something I actually know? Like the Egyptian civilization? Or even Julius Caesar? She questioned desperately as she fiddled with her pencil between each of her fingers. She was relieved when the bell rang for second period, giving her a study hall.

She headed back towards her locker, sighing in disappointment. Suddenly she heard a chuckle beside her; she glanced over noticing a familiar face. It was Eric Grant, a boy who would make fun of her, every chance he got. He had bleached blonde hair that was always spiked, blue, menacing eyes that always seemed to stare her down when he was about to make a harsh comment. Unfortunately, he was in every class she attended by some school schedule mistake. After the bully realized he was in the same classes with his favorite victim, he informed he would keep the classes for the year. Luna sighed in disbelief.

"What do you want Eric?" she questioned, continuing to open her locker, grabbing books out.

"I just wanted to congratulate you on adding additional work for your questioning comeback on Ms. Olsen this morning. I see that you really like to get more involved in your work," he replied mockingly. Luna slammed her locker shut.

"Why don't you just cut the crap, and bother someone else for a change?" Luna questioned walking towards her study hall. Eric just followed from behind with an evil smirk on his face.

"I could," he informed, stepping in front of her blocking her way. "But why should I when I have you all to myself the whole day?"

Luna stared at him in disgust.

"You are a piece of work you know that?" she questioned in a despised tone.

"So are you," Eric replied with a sly grin on his face. Luna looked at him strangely.

"I'm out of here," she informed walking passed him, towards the school library. Eric stood there for a moment, looking out towards her with a sly smile then headed followed her to the library.

The despised boy left her alone until after school when Luna returned to her locker, stuffing books into her book bag with great frustration. As she closed it, Eric appeared beside her, grinning, his one arm leaning against the locker next to her. Luna sighed in irritation.

"You know I was wondering," he began in a semi-interested tone. "Do you always act this frustrated with me?"

"Actually to tell you the truth, I do," Luna replied in a defensive tone. "And if you want to know more, you're a pest, a jerk, a nuisance."

"Oh no! I'm a nuisance!" he mocked his arms waving in front of him, laughing in amusement. Luna rolled her eyes, turning towards the exit of the hallways. The boy followed from behind still laughing from her reply. The two of them stepped outside the school grounds, near the fields where the football team practiced their sprints. Eric sat beside her his arms leaning against his knees, hands folded.

"You know that's one of the reasons I like being around you Loony, you amuse me with your, so-called insults," he commented with a smirk upon his face. Luna tried to ignore him, watching her brothers tackle each other for a drill.

"Nice going Justin! Keep your guard up Scott!" she cheered from the bleachers.

"You can't ignore me Loony, I'm going to be here all year," Eric informed. Luna looked at him.

"Look, will you quit the Loony crap. You're enough of a annoyance already," Luna informed.

"Why? What are you going to do about it Loony?" Eric questioned. Luna glared to him cheering for her brothers again. Eric just chuckled in amusement.

"You don't have the guts to do anything," he commented. Luna finally stood up beginning to move off the bleachers more towards the fields. Eric followed without ease, leaning against the top of the fence beside her.

"You think walking away is going to stop me from following?" he questioned. The frustrated girl ignored him, feeling an urge of irritation rush through her.

"Loony," he commented annoyingly. Luna tightened her eyes at the pathetic name. He kept repeating the name. He actually started singing the name, making up the words as he went on. Luna suddenly felt a flow of energy emerge from her, intending to hurt the singing boy. He was laughing hysterically.

Before he knew it, he felt a hand grasp onto his throat. He choked from the force, opening his eyes, staring into Luna's that seemed to be fuming in fury. His eyes widened in fear and astonishment.

"Go ahead, say it again. I dare you," Luna threatened her eyes narrowing. Eric noticed her eyes change color from gray to nearly a silvery white, her pupils slit slightly. He gasped in horror. After another moment, she released the struggling boy from her grasp. He crawled on the pavement, backing away from her, his eyes widening in fear. Luna shook her head, as if snapping out of thought.

"What the heck?" she questioned to herself, putting a hand on her head.

"You're crazy! You hear me! You're a FREAK!" Eric exclaimed his voice stuttering. He stumbled as he stood, running away from her as if she was some kind of monster. Luna watched him in question. She turned, noticing the football team and coaches stare her down in astonishment. Scott and Justin took their helmets of looking at their sister in disbelief and question.

"Luna!" Scott called out with concern. She looked back at them. She didn't respond; she just started running towards the car, leaving the team speechless. They stared down Justin and Scott with great curiosity. The two of them looked at their teammates nervously.

"Uh, coach? We should go," Justin informed in an expressionless voice.

"Yeah, I think we need a break for today anyway," Scott added. The coach looked at them suspiciously but then nodded in approval. The two boys chuckled nervously, then jogged towards the car where Luna fled.

Their dumbstruck sister was sitting in the driver's seat, her head bowed in question. As they entered the car, the noise of the door opened seemed to spook her, causing her to jump. Justin sat in the front passenger's seat, staring at her with concern. Scott sat in the back, leaning towards the front to try to get his sister's attention.

"Luna?" Scott questioned with concern. The stunned girl remained expressionless, unable to respond.

"What happened?" Justin asked anxiously. Luna looked at the two of them, her eyes revealing sorrow and confusion.

"I don't know," she responded.

"What do you mean you don't know? We saw you holding that Grant kid in the air with your hand clutched to his throat," Scott informed anxiously. "What are you trying to do get expelled?"

"No…something just came over me," Luna replied in a hushed voice. "It was as if all my anger built up on me and I felt an intention to hurt Eric."

The three of them felt an awkward silence come between them. Justin sighed in sympathy.

"Come on, let's go home," he suggested leaning back in his seat. Luna nodded in approval turning on the ignition driving away from the school.