(Written by Kizuna)


It was the first day of my senior year and I sat on my desk in the back of the classroom, staring out of the window and longing for the class to end. And may I add that the class hadn't even started yet…!

I was seventeen years old and I could think of plenty other, more interesting, things to do with my time instead of sitting in a classroom for seven hours every day. It was so boring I felt like dying sometimes, for me that would have been more useful.

My classmates talked all around me, but I didn't listen to anything they said. The teacher tried to get the class silent, and she managed to do that after a few moments.

She started talking about this new year and what she expected from us all.

I didn't care what she was babbling about, so I continued to stare out the window. The sky was cloudless and blue, and I just wanted to get out there.

Ten minutes out in class the door opened again. I turned my head slowly and saw him walking in after the inspector.

He was small and slender and skinny, almost on the verge of anorexic, and he had golden brown hair and gorgeous hazel eyes. He was dressed in loose-sitting black clothes, and his eyes were fixed on the floor.

To me, he was absolutely gorgeous!

The inspector introduced him to the class, but I didn't catch what he said. I was to busy staring at that revelation.

Yes, I'm gay. I know it and I'm totally comfortable with it. It doesn't bother me at all that I look at guys instead of girls. I have been looking at guys since I was twelve, and have never had a problem with it since then.

"You can sit down beside River in the back."

I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard the teacher mention my name. I glared at her for a moment, but she stared at the new, shy boy and pointed her index finger at me. Its rude pointing at people, I thought.

But that kind of thoughts disappeared quickly when the new boy started walking down the rows, in direct line towards me.

I glanced at the desk beside me, and saw to my surprise that it was empty. Where the hell is Hunter? I thought, but then remembered that we weren't in the same class this year. What kind of evilness was that?!

"Hi," I smiled friendly when the new boy glided silently down on the chair besides me.

He glanced shyly up at me and smiled weakly back. "Guten Tag," he answered.

What?! I thought. What the hell was that?

"Umm… Excuse me," I said. "I didn't understand that."

The boy blushed and stared down at his hands that rested on the desk. He was silent for a while, but then it came; "I said good day," he whispered.

"Which language was that in?" I asked.

"Err… German," the boy said.

"You're from Germany?"

He nodded. "Yes, my Vater is from there. My Mutter is from this city," he said in a low voice. "She got tired of Germany, so we moved back here."

"What's your name?" I asked.

"The Lehrerin introduced me," he said and pointed at the teacher.

I smiled sheepishly. "I was lost in my own thought in that moment," I said.

The boy's smile widened a bit. He stretched his hand out at me and I took it. It was small and slender and warm. It was good.

"Ich heiße Kaiser Schwartz," he said.

Even though it was all on German, I understood when he said his name and then I could guess what the other words meant as well. I found German to be a really beautiful language, especially when this boy talked it. And his accent! It was so adorable!

"And you are River?" He asked.

"Yes," I said with a laugh. "River Fairbanks."

We let go of each others hands and turned our heads forward to listen to the teacher. But I couldn't help it; my eyes were more on the boy beside me than the teacher…


When the bell rang and told every longing student that now it was time for lunch break, I asked Kaiser to hang out with me.

He nodded and smiled that shy smile I found so damn adorable.

So now we walk side by side out of the main door and towards the bench my friends always uses to occupy when we're in school.

"River, my man!" I heard my girl friend, Kristy, shouting at me. She came running and threw herself around my neck and gave me a tight hug. "I'm so glad you made it through half of the first day!"

"Yeah, Kristy, I'm surviving," I laughed.

She let go of me and then tilted her head and looked over my shoulder. "Have you gotten a new friend?" She asked. "And a really cute one, that is…"

I looked back at Kaiser and saw him staring at the ground, blushing at what she had said.

"Kristy, leave him alone and go and admire that special someone you have a crush on," I said.

Her eyes inswept by my words, and soon she was frowning. "What was that supposed to mean?" She snarled. "I do not have a crush on Regina George!"

"Oh, really now?" A voice said from behind her. An arm got thrown around her shoulder and Hunter smiled at me and my new friend.

"Get lost, Blondie!" Kristy shouted at him.

She always became sensitive when we mention the world's biggest bitch; Regina George. We're all sure she has a crush on her, but I think Kristy would rather die than admit that.

Regina was popular with the guys, unpopular with the girls, and in our little circle of friends she was just hated. We were different, and Regina George and her friends didn't like those who were different.

"And who's this sweetheart?" Hunter smirked at Kaiser, then he glared at me and stuck his tongue out teasingly.

I frowned at him.

"This is Kaiser," I said and pulled the smaller boy gently in front of me. He blushed slightly when my two best friends approached him.

"I'm Hunter Henshaw."

"And I am Kristy French!"

Kaiser shook their hands after turn, and he even gave them a nervous smile.

"Where are Shawn and Jayme?" I asked my two friends when I couldn't see the two brother's around.

"I don't know," Kristy said and shrugged. "Probably around flirting, that's what they always does, isn't it? Shawn with girls, and Jayme with boys."

I smiled at that.

Shawn is the most masculine of all of us. He plays basketball and is the captain of the school team. He is the star, and very popular around the school. He is seventeen, like me, Hunter and Kristy. He always has a girl hanging around him, but he isn't straight; he's bisexual. Even though I don't think he ever has been with a boy.

And then there is Jayme. He is one year younger than us, a boy, and the most feminine of all the bimbo girls in the whole school. He mostly dressed in girl clothes, wore a ton of makeup, had long, almost white hair and he's very openly gay. He flirts with any guy he sees, except from Hunter. Because if he had done that he would have gotten a few not-so-good-looking bruises on his beautiful little face.

Hunter is also bisexual, and as Shawn he almost always has a girl hanging around him. I myself think he does like guys more than girls, but he would never admit that. I swear.

And then there is Kristy… She is gay. She's a lesbian. And she always yells at us when we mention a special you-know-who Drama-Queen, so we have kinda figured out she has a crush on her. I have asked her a few times, but I don't do it anymore, because lately I think she could be able to kill me if I said anything about The Bitch. Well, kill me when people aren't around, that is.


The scream ripped me out of my thoughts, and I slowly turned around to see a small, slender girl with the same golden hair as my new friend, running towards us.

She stopped in front of us, leaning her hands on her knees and breathing for air for a moment, before she looked up at Kaiser and smiled widely.

"How has your first day been?" She asked. I noticed that she spoke much better English, and without any accent, than her brother. Because it was obvious she was his sister! She glanced at me, Hunter and Kristy. "You've made friends?" I swear she actually sounded surprised! I mean, what the Hell?! Didn't she think her brother could have friends?

"Rica," Kaiser said and gave her a death glare, before he glanced at me and my friends and blushed again. "Bitte nicht!"

"I'm sorry, did I embarrass you?" His sister smiled slyly. She removed her eyes from her brother and stared directly at me. She stretched out her hand. "Hi, I'm Frederica Schwartz," she said. "You must be the boy mein Bruder are blushing for!" That sentence made Kaiser flush crimson.

"Oh, I don't know about that," I said, but could already feel the butterflies going wild in my stomach just by the thought of having that effect on Kaiser. I don't believe I had, of course, but who said I couldn't dream? I mean, the boy is super-cute! "I'm River Fairbanks." I turned to my two friends. "And this is Hunter Henshaw and Kristy French."

"Guten Tag," she smiled. I found it very amusing the way she spoke almost flawless English and then suddenly threw in a few German words as well. "Nice meeting you."

"Err… Didn't understand the first part, but it's nice meeting you too!" Kristy laughed.

"She said good day," I explained to my friend, before Rica could say anything. She just stared at me with a wry smile on her lips. Kaiser lifted his head too and glared at me with glittering eyes. "Kaiser said the exact same thing to me this morning," I continued. "I didn't understand it then, but he told me what it meant."

Rica giggled in her palm and glanced between me and Kaiser.

"Are you two twins?" Hunter asked, looking at Kaiser and Rica.

"Nein," Rica said and waved her hand. "Kaiser is one year older than me. We have a sister that is four year older than him, but she goes to uni. I am one year younger than Kaiser, and so are my two brothers, Kael and Khevin. Then there are our little sister Frauke, who is just five years old."

"Your two brothers?" Kristy reacted. "You are just as old as two of your brothers?"

"Yes," Rica said. "We are triplets."

"Ah, that explains it," Kristy laughed. "Complicated family you're from!"

They laughed together, and I glanced at Kaiser, who just stared at his sister without any expression on his face. Yeah, I thought. Quite a complicated family!

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Meine Liebe – My Love

Eins – one (number, as in this is chapter ONE)

Guten Tag – Good day

Vader – father

Mutter – mother

Lehrerin – female teacher

Ich heiße – My name is (the ß is a letter only the German language has, it's like a double s)

Bitte nicht! – Please don't!

Mein Bruder – my brother

Nein – no