Listen listen
Listen listen.

The rain keeps a beat you well know.
And lyrics long forgotten thread through your voice.
Thin, soft and weak, the melody fills the empty room.
Echoing back at you.
Never forget. Listen, Listen.

A tear glitters faintly on your cheek.
A sob fights its way past your clinched teeth and you cry.
A tear for those who've been lost and can never be reborn.
A tear for the secrets you hide.

The embers lay cold in your mind.
The lifeless remains of passion and regret.
And there you stand staring into the summer storm.
Lightning flashes brilliant in your eyes.

Throw back your head and let the memories return.
Feeding your addiction to the pain the illusions bring.
Thunder in your ears and you open your eyes.
Enemies too often become lovers you know.

The wine glass shatters on the bare floor.
Liquid like blood pouring forth.
Bite back your cries and let the battle commence.
You'll not be the first to call a truce!
And when you're alone you can look back on this scene.
Intelligence alludes you still.
And you'll sing the song again, the lyrics Fresh in your mind.
And the rain keeps a beat you well know.

Listen, listen.
Listen, Listen.
Listen, Listen
Listen, Listen
Listen, LISTEN!