My very dear readers, I'd just like to take this opportunity to tell all you lovely chaps and chapesses and people who'd rather not be defined by such limiting terms that SDMT is undergoing a full rewrite thanks to all the helpful, positive and constructively critical (yet still managing to be fulsome) reviews it has received since it was first posted.

Good heavens, I feel old, writing this as I did when I was fourteen. Hopefully I can make it better this time around You may perhaps be wondering why it's taken me so bloody long to get around to it – the simple answer is I've been ill and busy and ill and at university now and ill and generally ill.

Illness plays a big part in my writing, either as a catalyst (sitting in hospital forever and a day does wonders for the creative juices) or in bringing it to a shuddering halt (being left for dead doesn't help one's outlook, either) so, here's to a productive 2010!

Here's to writing, dears!

~Marinus~ xxx