Hello. This is my collection of Creative Writing things. I'm only going to post things I think turned out half ok. Remember that these are classwork assignments that were intended to get the creativity flowing and maybe learn something while doing it.

This first one was done for the sight unit. We had to watch some people ... I watched the class. So, this is the story that grew from the watching ...

The Defeat of the Assignment

A soft murmur and the quiet scratching of pen on paper filled the creative writing room. Students at their desks sat with their heads bowed, desperately trying to finish the homework assignment.

"Go watch people! But not in a creepy way..." Mr. Wilson had said.

Who among those panicked faces had done the work?

Several people shared ideas, true or made up on the spot, inspiring the slackers around them. Pens fluttered frantically over the open leaves of the daybooks like the whisper of butterfly wings on a silent spring day.

The new day's assignment was given; the students held their heads low. Shared iPods and ideas flowed across the room. Some stared with blank eyes, uncomprehending, and others scribbled furiously fast, thoughts coming faster than the speed of write.

Yet it is a beautiful sight to see the dawn of life in a person's eyes, that one sprig of something that becomes the next beautiful art.

Hair dangles down over faces, hiding their true intentions. Road trip across the room brings a person to reunite with their first love of music. Heads propped up on hands give an illusion of boredom, but it is just the overwhelming sense of idea that fatigues the body but leaves the mind untouched.

Those with music silently mouth words to songs played on the REPEAT mode and sometimes the words on the paper find such a rhythm that one has to taste them for a moment on their tongue.

Yet still there are those who can't even imagine the joy of a good short story or a writing assignment, as it were. They sit there lost, clinging to the drifting wreckage of their minds while those inspired few throw down their pencils in a triumphant defeat of the assignment.