Here it is, at last! The last quarter of quotes. I think I'll just put in a small chapter at the end of August for summer quotes. Don't expect a lot. So far, I only have one. Enjoy!

You got string cheese'd in the face! Sean, brother of Jeddry. Lunch.

'Wow' stands for 'whoa. oh my... wow.' Everett. Commentary in math on whose math test comment was best. There was a pause between "oh my" and "wow."

I'm the father of your baby's daddy! Caitlyn. She's blonde.

You're so old, you're not even a book. X. We were in the library.

Brush my leaves off. My brother Henrico. He had leaves on his back...

There's two pictures in my planner of Pacman. The first one is labelled, "Pacman eats pie," with an appropriate picture. The other, "Pacman eats pi."

You girls are too giddy. Mrs. Jones. True story.

Stay away from those girls! Mrs. James. She does gym and we aren't in her class. The kid talking to us was, though.

Wallaby Fitzpatrick The name a girl in my homeroom wrote on the "boyfriend quiz" that we were doing. Relationship survey to find out how many of us were in an abusive relationship. Most people lied. Only about 17 percent of the people were in a healthy relationship, according to the survey.

It's like a yacht! Christina on barges. BARGES.

I'm black; I do what I want. Taylor. Don't ask.

I need a drink, but I love Jesus! A guy on a video describing Rasputin.

I may have a big mouth, but at least I don't have the vagina to back it up. Mallory. She was talking about another girl whom no one likes. No one. Obviously, she was implying the other girl's a whore.

Well, you know what they say... "Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down." Larby. We were talking about fat dogs, for some reason...

Sounds pretty crappy to me. Larby on people dying a sewage flood. A girl did a current even on it.

You know Medusa, looks at you and turns you to stone? Well, this is Sedusa. She looks at you and rapes you. Sean, brother of Jeddry, on Megan Betz. She's a rapist-in-training and we make jokes about it all the time.

Zach's a tall drink of water. Amelia. She was brandishing a bottle of water at us as she said it, too.

I woke up and I actually thought, "I feel fit as a fiddle." Amelia. No explanation needed.

Manly men eat minerals and only minerals. Emily on rock sandwiches. It became a long story that took up at least 20 minutes of the AA.

I had four bread legs. Three were eaten by wolves and one was eaten by birds. There was a fifth, but it fell into the pond before I could put it on... Emily, again. This was part of the story afore mentioned.

You're walking down the street and your head falls off. Sean, brother of Jeddry, on how ninjas kill you.

People said, "You can't build here; it's a hurricaine zone!" But this is America! You can build where you want to build. An Army guy on the news after tornados attacked the midwest. It was hilarious.

Why did you rape that girl?
It wasn't rape! Sean, brother of Jeddry, then Mary. Lunch.

Thank you for gazing into my eyeballs. Amber. Sean, brother of Jeddry, was staring into her eyes (for reasons unknown). It was later replaced with "eyebrows."

Don't let Asteriods wreck your future. A sign that was changed from "steriods." Up for most of the year, actually.

One day when I kill you, I'll kill you. X. No comments.

Your mouth is going to be infected... with my fist! Amber. We were talking about her, apparently, infected.

yuk Poem by Mr. Yohn. We were doing the poetry unit intro.

There are the fingers I use... X. She put her hand on Crystal as she said that. Hilarity ensued and a few people fell over.

Your mom's a verb!
It's what you do. Me, then X. It was so perfect. Ever seen those commercials?

Yes, that's a foreign language they're speaking and, no, they aren't Spanish. They're American. A commercial for a video set to learn a new language. The example was, of course, espangol.

It's fancy and dancey. Amelia on Ethan Jones music. He's flamboyantly gay.

Found in the back of my planner:
Working alone, Professor Dawson stumbles into a bad section of the petri dish. Accompanied by a picture of the microscope saying, "Now put the wallet on the counter," and a man with his hands up. Shown to us in Bio in an off minute.

We have a page for "Goal Management." A friend filled mine out...
My name: Felicia
My goal: Become someone worth living
Today's date: 4-30-2876 Goal achievement date: Soon!
Name of my mentor/helper: My hamster Telephone: 1-800-get a life
Why I want this goal:
1. Because I'm a loser
2. I've always wanted to be cool
3. I suck life
Actions, Activities:
What I need to do to achieve my goal: Try 2 be normal
What I might or will need to give up: My loser personality
Things I need in order to achieve my goal: LEAH!
Things I might or will need to give up: My lack of coolness
Nice friend, huh? It was Leah, in case you couldn't tell.

A picture of Dakota and a teapot and cup. Labelled, "I'm a little teapot..."

Found on my planner:
heart stickers, compliments Wilson. Though, he doesn't know yet.

3D flower stickers, compliments me.

a Dora the Explorer Band-Aid, compliments Jess. Unused.

Flushed Away stickers, compliments free promos.

Dora the Explorer stickers, compliments my mom. There's Dora, Boots, Backpack and Map, Benny the Bull, Iza the Iguana, Tico the Squirrel, the stars (springs, light, baseball, paintbrush), and (my personal favorite) Swiper the Fox.

NaNoWriMo sticker (Ask Me About My NOVEL!) in bright orange, compliments the Chris Baty writing kit.