As I step across the threshold onto the paint splattered black floor, a blanket of dark easiness envelops me completely. I see the hand- painted walls in light blue and remember our past. The paint handprints and fingered drawings. That wonderful day when we signed our names in the corner on the wall resonates in my memory. Step farther into the small, sloping room and see bookshelves, covered in philosophical literature and scientific analysis of space and time. A large air- filled gutter- rat sneers down at you, bearing yellow fangs and red eyes. The ceiling is light blue with patches of empty black that peek through, showing his true nature as masked by outward niceties. The walls, though dominantly black, are covered in blue rag-roll and handprints. The bed, tucked in a corner, is two mattresses done up with blue sheets, blankets and quilts. In the slanted portion of the ceiling, dried black roses from anniversaries long past hand upside down, swaying in a light breeze. The desks are filled with cans of pop- coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper. Layer upon layer of cans, gleaming and providing an almost surreal safety net. The floor is covered in papers, books, chairs, and other bits of things. The black wooden floor and gray carpet are hidden beneath the piles of clothes and towels. I feel as if I could hide beneath these things that comprise my life, and be sheltered from everything. This room is my safe- haven, the one place in this world that feels secure. As soon as the door is closed and locked, I know nothing can harm me. I could stay in this perpetually cold room with Josh for the rest of my life. The two computers are balanced respectively on the large wooden desk, and a makeshift desk in the middle of the room. The protection I get from this room shields me from the rest of the house and world. The black gauze curtains that mask the outside light give the room a calm and eerie glow that soothes my senses and tension. As soon as I enter the protective bubble all my worries melt away and all that is left is my raw, pure emotion of love.