Sometimes at Night When I'm Alone;
The Secret Indulgence of a Vampire

By N. Phillippe

O! Sugary sweetness, thy taste divine
Like the candy-coated kisses of childhood
Your brittle ridge tickles my tongue
Edges so pearly, so perfect
So sickly, so rot with the nectar of the cane
I take the bite
Crack my jaw down, hard, crunching
The noise ripples with each split of thy frame
Sprinkling fairy-dust duplicates of the original
Into the throaty river
O! How I love thee
My sugary confection
Tastes of the fruits mixed into your liquidated syrup
Tastes enhanced by chemicals, processed and whipped
Made artificial, but still O! How I love thy cheek thrashing ways
Cut the skin
Rip it fleshy and open
Drip the drops of undried blood into my mouth
(Sweeter still than even thee is the secret of the veins)
Yet may none other than the life sustaining drink compare to thee, my sugary sweetness
All the colors of the coat
Heaven, clouds, grass, dirt, night, twilight, blood, lips
My treat, my dessert
And I eat alone, sitting beneath my covers with the lamplight down low
The radio off
The cat on the windowsill
I bite down, though I know I should only do like a lollipop to thee
I cannot resist thee, thy tempting crystal curves
Jagged and vicious
Let me slice my tongue along them, thy smooth, straight surfaces
O! Sugary sweetness on a stick
Thy mold is gone but I still have more love to give to those who come after thee
Your other flavored cousins are left in the paper bag on my bureau
Because ten for a dollar is a really good deal