Grieving heart.

Did you hear the callings?

Did you hear the cries?

The pleas of unanswered questions.

I need to know why.

My heart feels battered

My Spirit grieves.

And here I am before you my Lord

Weeping on my knees.

Why are people so cruel my Father?

Why does it have to hurt?

I seemed to have had this lesson.

Is it not yet learnt?

As you hold me close.

You fill me with your love

And a divine revelation comes

All I need, I have.

Is your love

You bring the light into my darkness

Forgive me for my wrongs,

Love me always,

And heal my wounded heart.

As the time goes it will hurt a little less.

And I'll forgive them

And pray the best for them

For with You my perfect Father,

At the end of a grieving heart,

Is a perfect rainbow.

That will withstand in my heart.

17th September 2006