The City of Boston


Puritan City, Athens of America,

The City of Kind Hearts and the Cradle of Liberty;

Historic, gentle, scenic,

The Hub of the Universe:

They tell me you are rude and I know that's true with

Men in bars yelling in accents on the drunken streets.

And they tell me you are wasteful:

Turning the water of your harbor into tea.

And they tell me you are unproductive,

With aspirations of digging to China, but only getting to Beacon Hill.

And I realize that you may laugh at this place,

But you will cry over what your city doesn't have:

Come and show me another city with ducks

Driving down the street showing people the beauty.

It's as illuminating as the streetlamps that light Quincy Market;

As friendly as a place "Where everybody knows your name",





Inviting, partying, cheering,

Smiling as you watch the walk off home run,

Smiles take over the players as they see they have made their fans smile,

Smiling while watching balding men wobbling down sidewalks,

Hearing about the smiles as the fireworks smiled in the Independent sky,


Smiling at the historic, gentle, scenic town of beans, the city that's pure, an Athens of red, white, and blue, Liberty's cradle and a little place called Cheers.