Maggie McFly

Curls of red on top of my head,

Freckles are sprinkled all over my face.

Sheets with blue flowers lay across my bed,

My parents both Irish, that's how I was raised.

Eyes of hazel with which I see,

I'm the oldest of six siblings and with that take much pride.

My brothers and sisters look up to me,

But most of the rules, I don't ever abide.

On my neck sits my grandmother's pearls,

Looking like beads of satin surrounding me.

Above that my mouth, very vulgar for a girl's,

My mother's always saying, "Watch your mouth please."

I love to write poetry in my sage colored book,

My sister says I have talent, but her age I am double.

I'm very curious, at everything I always look,

And it causes me to get in the worst of trouble.

I hope one day I am well known,

That I'll be a movie star.

But I can assure you, my distance from home,

Will never ever be far.