Love is the Enemy

Predatory was your nature,
Full of malice but full of heart,
Which tugs and twinges
As black angel wings now depart

Eyes that hover yet shoot away,
Seeks another vengeful thought,
What you can't have, becomes harder,
She's now begging in the lover's court

Beauty is the ivy that coils and poisons,
Corrupts the most innocent of men,
What was your divinity belongs to the women,
The evidence can be found in past photos

Entrapped into a memory of a memory,
So often remembered, you can't forget,
Her scent suffocates and clings to your home,
The one thing you can't box up and leave dead

With the hunter left with blood on his hands,
And a blind man that swears he saw the Goddess,
Is charged and punished with the seeds of sin,
Rebuked, he is left forsaken, as he leaves his only Eden

A/N : The title is aimed for both sexes because everyone shares the loss and anger for love and I've purposefully left this very open for the story. This is so that people can perhaps relate to it much better, but I'll only know if people report about this in the reviews. ;)