Join You in the mansions of Heaven?

You who caused the floods and conflagration,

Who wagered on your toady Job,

And sent your poor son to the slaughter?

O Mighty One,

(Sarcastically I blaspheme)

Spare me your forgiveness-

I meant every word I said.

- You took them away

And never told me WHY -

Your followers would tell me

They are burning.

They were good people!

And you want me to worship You?

No, I will not take your bribe

Of riches in the afterlife,

Nor bow before you

Out of fear.

Keep your harps and your singing.

Keep your Armies of Righteous.

Keep your everlasting peace,

Your cherubs and your seraphims-

I don't want them.

Don't you dare move once

To "wash away my tears."

Burn me

with my mother and my brother.

I will swim in freedom

In your Lake of Fire

Hating You forever.