My Dear Friend

How much we've changed/

With just a few words said, a few feelings damaged/

The tenseness of the air is like a bag to suffocate me/

I want to change what happened/ How we got so annoyed with each other/

I miss making you laugh so easily/ I miss being happy/

Because now that your mad at me/ I feel incomplete/

My dear friend, can't we go back?/

Knowing how to change it is so hard/ You won't seem to stop glaring/

We'll never admit it/ That change that happened so quietly/

Sooner or later one of us will drift away and we won't love anymore/

I'll miss the hot lesbian sex and the backstage photos/

Perhaps none of this will happen/ I speak from experience/

My dear friend/ Come back to me/ Love me/ I need you like air/

I hate this thing called change.