Knife in my Heart

What did I do?/To make you hate me so?/

Every time you say you hate me/ I cry inside/ I die a little more/

Nobody understands how much I need them/

How much I need the stability I constantly destroy/

I'm like a person at sea, unwilling to grab the life preserver/

Perhaps I want to drown/ Sleep in my own sorrow and live in the grave I've dug/

You don't want me/ You don't love me/ You hate me/Hate me/ HATE ME!/

Just kill me now/ If I had the courage I'd kill me now/

You walk away from me and you might as well stab me in the back/

You say nothing and your actions mean nothing but to me/ To me it's everything/

I over estimate and over examine and it's my own fault for being so suspicious/

But I don't understand, why have you taken to hating me so?/

Do I offer no protection?/ Have you learned all my secrets and want no more?/

Tell me what you want me to do/ I'll do it/

Because every time you turn away/ Back away/ Walk away/

It's like another knife in my heart.