As we run

I stare at you

And you look back

Wishing I could hold onto you.

But death follows closely

As you stagger behind

And I see you fall

As death lets out its whine

I try to help you

But your sins repel me

And I see the tears in your eyes

As the grandfather clock strikes three.

My heart races as I see you suffer

I try save you

But your lies and sins

Have also hurt me too.

The beast pulls you in

As you scream and cry

We look at each other

Meeting eye to eye.

I sob and run away

Knowing my efforts are useless.

But that's when

That's when I see you again.

My second chance to save you

To redeem myself

To put confidence in my heart

Before my life falls apart.

You fall backwards off the cliff

And I grasp your hand with all of my might

But you let go into the hands of the devil

And I watch you fall into the darkness of night.

As she falls I see a smile

Something that hasn't shown

In the longest time

But now I know that she is fine.

The blood and death fade away.

The tears and darkness dissolve.

My two chances to save someone,

And I failed with nothing done.

I look towards the stars for help,

And I see her beauty within the stars,

And that smile is still there,

As I look up, I feel warm again.

If anyone is listening,

Every good reason

Will be lost on me.

I know you don't dream for me,

If you did, I guess I'll see.

My thoughts decieve me

It may be a good idea

To just leave me here in the dark,

And let me be.