.title.Sinful Affections

.summary. Aaliyah has just finished college, getting a high-paying job to be the assistant of a devil. Literally. Her new boss is like no other man, which is clear. He keeps his identity a secret, finding himself becoming infatuated with his new assistant. Aaliyah starts to notice that there's something strange about her new boss, when he performs miracles in his own twisted way...Enjoy!


A Delight

"Miss Duncan?"

She turned when she heard the masculine voice, a big smile coming to her lips as her brown eyes locked with stormy blue orbs. She extended her arm happily, shaking hands with the man holding a manila folder in his free hand. He flashed her a kind smile, his eyes scanning her body quickly before returning his gaze to her face. "Aaliyah," she introduced, slipping her hand away from his.

"Just call me Aiden," he spoke, motioning for her to sit down. Aaliyah obeyed the redheaded man; sitting down nervously and folding her hands in her lap, watching him take a seat in front of her. He wasn't much taller than her, guessing he was only about five foot three. She watched him as he opened the folder, sorting through papers. He was attractive; she wasn't going to lie. The man seemed perfect, not one blemish on his handsome face and straight, white teeth. She eyed him a bit longer, noticing the little ponytail he had at the nape of his neck. His stormy blue eyes lifted, knocking her out of her inspection. "So, you want this job? You want to be the new assistant to Vance?"

"…Vance?" She remembered walking up to the giant building, a large D at the very top of the building. She knew that his last name was Drake, but never found out what his first name was. He was in several magazines, getting voted as the Most Eligible Bachelor once or twice, but Aaliyah never really paid any attention to the wealthy man. She had a boyfriend after all.

"Yes, my boss who owns this company," he told her with a teasing smile. "You do know who you'll be working for if I agree to hire you, don't you?"

"Y-Yes," she stammered, her cheeks flushing. "I just–"

"He likes to be called by his first name." He closed the folder, "Listen, you seem like a really nice girl and all he needs is a new assistant."

"...Can I ask what happened to his last assistant?"

Aiden didn't answer quickly, letting out a nervous laugh as he recalled the incident where he heard yelling coming from Vance's office, then no evidence of his assistant ever being in the office when he entered once summoned. "He got on his bad side and thus, he doesn't work here anymore."

Her face faltered. 'Great, GREAT! Just my luck! My boss is probably some big asshole who treats everyone like complete crap. But, this is your chance to get a high-paying job, so don't turn it down! I need the money since mommy dearest and my evil stepfather cut me off financially.' "Oh," came her weak response, forcing a small smile to her pink glossed lips. 'He even seems scared of him...that's not a good sign.'

"Other people came in before you, Aaliyah. To tell you the truth, I didn't like any one of them. One had horrible body odor, one was too much of a valley girl, and the last was so nervous he began to sweat uncontrollably." He gave her a toothy grin, "I like you, and so you're hired. Do your job well, don't piss off Vance, and you'll be just fine here! Everyone is quite nice here, even if you did hear that our boss is a hard ass."

He was right; she did hear things about this 'Vance' character. He was a womanizing, power-hungry man that didn't care about anyone but himself. He treated people as if they were nothing, using them for his advantages without hesitation. Basically, he was a man that no one wanted to deal with or they feared him, and if they were involved with Vance, it was all for the interest of getting money.

"I'm hired–that easily?"

"Yes. You want this, don't you?"


He laughed at her eager response, "You'll be paid weekly and I'm quite sure you'll be satisfied with your salary. I would let you meet your boss, but he's out of town at this very moment. You're probably wanting to know why I hired you so easily-"

"My resume?" She asked suddenly.

"That and my boss wanted a new assistant by the time he got back. He didn't care as to whom; he just wanted one. Nobody likes his bad side," he murmured. "Keep him happy and…no lives will be taken!"

Aaliyah let out a little laugh that was curtly ended as she stared at the man. 'He didn't sound like he was kidding.' She stood with him, shaking his hand as his handsome smile remained on his face. "…When do I start?"

"Next Monday! Don't be so nervous, you'll have fun here. Trust me—though, things can get a little crazy around here, but you'll be just fine."

"…What do you mean?" Her smile was no longer on her lips. 'Maybe I should reconsider, but no! I need money and I need to get out of that crappy ass apartment I live in! Fight, Aaliyah, fight! Stay here and suck it up for the money! When I get enough, I can move out of that cockroach infested complex and get a nicer apartment!'

"You'll see," he replied with a secretive smile that made her slightly uncomfortable.



Aiden watched as the attractive brunette left the building, standing in front of one of the large windows that gave a first-rate view of the city. The redheaded demon loosened his tie with an annoyed scowl, having a hatred for ties. Whipping out his cell phone from his comfortable slacks, he called Vance, yawning tiredly as he ran a hand through his red hair. After several rings, he heard a voice from the other line.


"Sir! I found an assistant!"


"Ah!" He snapped his fingers, "You're speechless because of my abilities to find a new assistant so quickly!"

"I'm wondering if this assistant will end up as another nuisance."

"Of course not! You'll love her!"


He noticed the interest that came into his deep voice, "Eh, yes. But, I don't think she's as easy as the assistant way back when. She starts Monday. She's a delight; there will be no need to take out your anger on her. Her name is Aaliyah Duncan-"


He continued to ramble, something he did often. Something that annoyed Vance to no end, but he kept the demon around because he served as his amusement also. He tested the name in thought as he rode in the back of the sleek limo, his amber eyes drifting out of the tinted window.

Aaliyah Duncan.

"She better be just as you have described her," he interjected, the limo coming to a stop.

"She won't be a bother like the rest. She's attractive, nice personality—sir, you'll be pleased." 'Let's hope…'

Short, but first chapters are normally short. I guess. So, how was the first chapter?! Not much happened I suppose, but it's just getting started. Just introduced the main character in this chapter and the next chapter will be more in depth with her life and she also meets the mystery man of a boss. Sorry for any mistakes in this chapter. I send every chapter in word and it catches the problems. If it skips over something…well..it's no longer in my control.

If anyone watches Final Fantasy: Advent Children, then you know who Aiden is modeled after—in the looks department. I never watched it, but I saw the previews and was like…who's the redhead?!

(Name Meaning) Aiden: Fiery-Celtic/Gaelic (it works for a demon, right?)

(Name Meaning) Aaliyah: Highly Exalted

Well, let me know what you think so far!