A Moment of Life(One Shot)

It was amazing how one moment could pull away everything one valued. In a nanosecond, someone could be told that a close relative of theirs had died in the car crash because it was just too damn slippery, or when a worried doctor would tell their patient that they had leukemia and they should start treatment instantly. One woman's life could be turned upside down if she found out that her husband of twenty years had been cheating on her with an exotic dancer down the street. The said exotic dancer would then laugh at the husband's face like the she-dog she truly was for ruining his life and breaking his heart, ultimately killing his soul. Without looking back, she'd continue her hunt for a vulnerable middle aged man and proceed to destroy him. She was a heart breaker and a man eater, of that there was no doubt.

I was that exotic dancer.

I honestly can't say how I became the way I am now. I had been a university student majoring in marine biology when my earnings were barely up to par. My boyfriend at the time was a woman hitter, so ironically, my self assurance had taken a dive into nothing. When I climbed poles, slowly undressed and smiled mischievously at balding old men desperately seeking their youth, I began to feel more powerful. When a married seventy year old proposed, I instantly accepted, broke up with my boyfriend, had him divorce his wife and broke into his world.

That was when I learned my first lesson. Never get involved.

The year I was an eighteen year old mistress to this seventy year old, I was privy to wealth beyond the scope of my understanding. All I had to was open legs to him a couple of time before he died because of euphoria he experienced when we were sexing. It was too much for him, the grave doctor told the seventy year old's daughter, who was old enough to be my mother. Instantly, I shunned away from the family, my wealth taken away and I was thrown to the street.

So, I took a trip away from hometown, traveling away to another foreign state where no one knew me and continued my trek of destroying all bastards because they were stupid enough to think with their dicks instead of what God had blessed them with.

Taking a drag of my cigarette, I waited for my turn when Suzie, who's stage name was Aphrodite, climbed of the stage. She winked at me, before taking my hand and placing it on her bouncing breast. I was nonplussed, this was the type of action men came here for. I grinned at her, a false smile as I felt her slap my ass.

Standing on the pole, I didn't bother looking at the men. I knew what they were here for, and it wasn't chit chat.

Sometimes I hated myself.

Aphrodite couldn't handle not having attention on her, so she stood behind me. She stopped smiling, and touched my arms, her red nails contrasting sharply against my bronzed skin until it reached my robe. She slowly unknotted it, loving how the men and women looked at us with waited breath until I was revealed to the world.

No one saw the tears in my eyes, nor did they note how my hands shook.

When I was out of my robe, Aphrodite whispered loudly, "What I wouldn't do to get you out of that…"

I was wearing only a gold bra with just barely enough to cover my nipples and thong that covered my cunt. Of course, I had a band around each of my thigh and just below my breast for that pieces of paper that would pay my next month's rent.

Shuddering, I reciprocated. "Baby, let me help you with that."

I reached for her thong, dipped my fingers through the elastic that held it up and pushed it down. I slid down her frame, her red curly hair long enough to just to graze the back of her head. I pushed my ass out, but as I reached the floor, my legs opened wide. I felt hands there, feeling my butt and ten or twenty dollar bills being shoved in there. I knew most of them were wrinkled and quickly withdrew, as though afraid.

This was to be expected. It took them some time to stop being so shy.

I was surprised however, when one hand lingered for a longer time. The owner's hand was large and calloused, as though he was a hard worker. His finger was close to my anal hole, and had he wished it, he could have pushed it in.

I was this close to calling security. But it felt so good…

Aphrodite frowned as she saw the wave of pleasure pass over my face before resuming, 'I'm a seductress expression.' She pulled me up, and put my back to her chest. I was four inches shorter than her tall six foot frame, so my head was below her chin. Her hand massaged my breasts. Only a shadow could be seen of them, and some began chanting, "Take it off! Take it off!"

I wanted to cry.

My eyes drifted over the crowd. Among the white hair or the peppered hair, I thought I saw the sight of a certain blond before he disappeared in the crowd. I turned my eyes to my ever increasing crowd. It was time for Aphrodite to leave, and she gave me one last kiss between my breast before she slithered away.

Aphrodite became Suzie, struggling mother of three children with an absent husband. All the stress lines that were gone for the moment that she had stepped of her stage, her fantasy so to speak, stuck out despite the large amount of make up she had. Her red hair that looked so vibrant under the stage light were now light and dull. Green eyes filled with a moment of remorse. Just before Suzie disappeared, she winked at me, allowing me a glimpse of her Aphrodite before she disappeared.

A short balding old man jumped on the balls of his toes, eager to put some of his and perhaps his wife's earning as well on the strap around my thigh. Glancing at his eager eyes, I thought of having a little fun.

I slithered down the pole, my long legs that seemed to stretch on for miles supported my weight as I crouched in front of the old man. I brushed my breast against his head, and that made him blush harder. I bit my lips as I grinned at him. My legs were wide open by now. He was fumbling as he put in six twenties into the strap by my thigh, so near my core. I leaned over more, to give him a more view of my breast, and a peak at my brown, round areola, and he shakily put five more tens into my bra strap.

I grew bored of him and danced over to the main stage. By now, there were several men and, surprisingly, women that awaited me to shed of my clothing.

For the longest time, I had wanted to be an actress before I decided to become a marine biologist. My father was long dead and my mother a prostitute. I had run away from home when I was sixteen, moved in with my grandmother who was as strict as the Elizabethan times matron. This allowed me to become even more wild. I lost my virginity to my boyfriend of a month in the back of his van. The next week, he had broken my heart by committing suicide. I couldn't save a loved one then, how could I even save myself?

Just as I was about to unhook the strap of cloth holding my breasts up, the bouncer Craig walked through the crowd. I was surprised when he climbed the stage, but he whispered, "You're booked for the Black Room by the back. Let me know when he starts getting rough."

I nodded.

I signaled Luis, a Chinese prostitute and waitress. She gestured another girl to take my spot. With a last smile and wink, I got up and left the stage behind, leaving the orbits to glaze at another faceless beautiful body. I did note that the crowd thinned after, and that made me feel a little more…better about myself. I was beautiful and that was the only thing I had.

Putting on my red velvet robe, I squeezed past many men who grabbed my ass and what not. I didn't pause to threaten them that if they laid a finger on me I would slam the door on their precious family jewels. They were customers, we always serve our customers.

Craig nodded to the door at the end. I gestured if the camera inside was on and he pointed to his right, signaling that Steve, the security guard was watching out for me. I smiled before strutting into the room and felt Craig's eyes on me. He was after all, only a man.

Expecting to see another middle aged man behind the closed door which of course I opened revealed how wrong my guess was. Behind the door stood a blonde man who was roughly over six feet tall, taller than Aphrodite. His back was turned to me, so I had time to study him.

He was wearing a suit, which seemed odd when everyone wore jeans and a shirt. He had a lanky built, blonde hair and was smoking. At the sound of the door opening, he turned and his sapphire eyes found my chocolate brown ones. I quickly accessed his looks and thought that he was…well quite a good looking guy. If he just took care of that stubble, I'm sure he would be considered hot. I was impressed.

He smiled and for the first time I was Affected. This was not good. I smiled back, amused. Waiting for the silence to break, I took my time to study him while he took his. He never left a part of my body out of his inspection. Not for the first time, I felt that surge of hate for myself. Of course, I was a piece of ass.

Whoever would give a second glance to a poor slut?

He caught my expression, for he asked in a deep voice, "I displease you."

I smiled coyly before walking up on the table set up as a mini-stage. This room was only for the rich, the famous and the possessive. He wanted only himself to be the private audience to my strut show, but he would had to pay dearly. I just hoped that I would extra tip. He understood the rules, No Speaking, for he sat down on the couch. I couldn't stop looking into his amused eyes. He looked so tired, and for a moment I felt that I had found a kindred spirit within him. I waited for his instruction as men loved having that sort of control. He did not such thing and was pleased with just looking up at me. My curiosity was puckered, especially when he broke eye contact to look at his hands, as if they revealed the answers to all life mysteries.

Finally, when I couldn't stand the awkward silence despite the loud music playing in the background, I asked, "Why did you ask for me?"

He smiled a little sadly, "Because you're Zora. You're dawn."

I became a little cautious, "What do you mean? I'm known as Anaconda here."

"But your name. It's Zora."

He stated it obviously, as though there was no doubt about it. I felt my heart beat a little faster, how would he know my name?

I decided to be coy, "I can be whoever you want, baby."

He looked at me through half hooded eyes, "I want you."

I took off my robe and it slithered down my body. When it reached the floor, I kicked it off with my heels and winked at him, "Tell me what you me to do."

He frowned, "Put on the robe. We need to talk."

I stretched my arms up, knowing that it made my body more obvious, "If it's what you want."

Sapphire eyed stranger held my gaze for a moment before tossing my robe at me, "Put it on."

I did.

"You haven't recognized me," the stranger once again stated.

I frowned, "I know you?"

He smiled and I was taken back for a moment at the brilliance of his grin, "Of course, love. You destroyed my home."

I studied him for a while longer before shaking my head, "I don't remember you. You must be mistaken."

It's true. I would never have forgotten those hard eyes which searched mine.

"That's rather ironic," he said quietly, "My father died because you rejected him. My mother had died a monthafter he met you. You've destroyed my family."

Suddenly, a certain sixty year old Pastor flickered through my memory. I had never gotten involved with him but I lavished in his attention, as he tried his level best to get me off the street and into a better was after I had enrolled into my university and continuedbeing a stripper. The experience as an eighteen year old mistress had scarred me in several ways. With the unfailing and only support of Pastor William, I was able to complete my degree. My financial support was through stripping, my emotional through a pastor. I think I was the happiest at that moment, living two different lives. Zora the nerd, Zora the stripper.

PastorWilliam was one of the few who considered me a daughter and became my role model. If he hadn't died, I was sure I would have become a I met Pastor William during a heart felt confession, his attempt at redeeming me met with little success. At least now I was a little human.

After he had died, I was suddenly alone. Twenty one without a place to live, without food to eat and nowater to drink, that was me. Desperation had driven me to my current career and not five years later, I was a thriving stripper. What his son was assuming was that I had been involved with Pastor William sexually. I couldn't help my reaction. I laughed.

The stranger only raised an eyebrow before glancing at the hidden camera. His eyes flickered at his watch and smiling, he waited as I stopped laughing.

"I was never involved with your father," my eyes softened, "He was the only one who truly helped me."

There was a moment of silence as his eyes continued to search mine.

"Good," he said eventually. "But you still don't remember me."

I was tired of bringing up my past, "Can I take my robe off now?"

He smiled up at me, "Give me five minutes."

I was a little unsettled. What was going to happen in five minutes?

"Tell me about yourself," he announced when there was a moment of silence. He looked a little awkwardly around, and again, his glance landed on the camera before he looked at his watch. I noted his actions but said nothing of it. Instead, I smiled mysteriously at him. Revealing information about oneself was the classic way of gaining that person's trust. I had no problems imagining this stranger as a heart breaker and had no reason to give him any advantage over me.

"I don't even know your name," I said suddenly, and instantly wished I hadn't said anything. I was not to be involved with my clients.

He smiled, as if he knew I was mentally cursing myself, "Jack. I'm Jack William. We were never really introduced, were we?"

"I don't think so," I replied, "I remember seeing your picture though. You were a cute seven year old."


"Please," I rolled my eyes, "You know you're attractive."

"You find me attractive?"

"I do." I smiled. My fingers reached out to touch his hair before I pulled myself back. What was I doing? I never made the first move…what was I doing?

He's blue eyes looked smoky, "Two minutes. Then you will touch me."


"Why the wait?" I asked, humoring him.

"Because in less than a minute and a half, the door is going to lock itself, the camera will be turned off and we can have our privacy," Jack said as though he was announcing the weather.

"Impossible. Craig will kill you."

"I'll take my chances."

"You're crazy!" My heart raced a little, "I can't do that! I'm a stripper, not a hooker!"

"There's a difference?"

I wanted to slap him.

"Why have you come here? Your father died a long time ago."

"Because you're tired of the same old shit. Ten years of showing your cunt and ass hole for all the world to see. You want something else, live life differently but don't know how."

He wasn't right. Being an exotic dancer was all I knew how to be. I couldn't just drop my job on a whim and turn up for another career. I voiced out my opinions.

He stood up then and put his arms around my waist. His hands trailed of the ribbon that held my robe together, but his eyes never broke their contact with mine. Jack simply said, "Yes, you can."

My eyes were locked with his, as his quietly soothing voice attempted at a confession. A confession of an exotic dancer, what a laugh. Irony, as it were, was killing me.

I smiled up at him, "You know that I can call security."

"You won't," he said, not with arrogance but spoke as if it were the truth. I was not to call security and I would not. Simple. Still, that didn't stop the indignant me, which had been locked away for so many years, to raise its shakles.

"What the hell do you want? Fine, you're the son of Pastor William. You blamed me for his death, not like that hasn't happened before. Why didn't you go to the police? Why are you here?" I asked, taking a step away from him. I was afraid of this man, the power he held over me.

He stalked to me, taking every step that I took to get away from him, never distancing our bodies. "Because I want to help you."

"You can't help me! No one can! Leave me be!"

His anger became evident when he grasped my shoulders, "How long? How long are you going to put up this façade? Have you no decency? Do you wish to be hated?"

"I don't care! I don't fucking care! I'm beautiful! This is the only thing I've fucking got!"

"You are gorgeous!" he yelled right back, "But you're crumbling. You're destroying yourself. Eventually, you'll kill yourself."

His loud yelling with each word became a lower and lower octave. Still though, the anger behind the words were obvious. I was becoming angry and tried to control myself. However, with this stranger's eyes on me, never breaking their contact...I felt a little vulnerable.

That would not do.

"Why do you care? Who gives a fuck what one less display of a body does to herself?" I yelled. I tried to make myself taller but with his height I shouldn't have bothered. Childishly, I stood up on the stage set up and was satisfied for a second that I was just his height then. Now he wouldn't tower over me like some demy-god.

He raised his hands to cup my cheek. I hadn't realized that I was crying until he touched me.

That was the mistake.

What happened next…I don't think I could ever properly describe it. Ever. But I'm willing to give it a shot.

It felt…as though time had stopped and we were in our own world. Every cell on my cheek and nerve ending on my face was sensitive to his touch. Mypupils dilated until all I saw was him. He overpowered me and I hadn't even realized how. A jolt went through my spine and an instant later I felt his thoughts. They were revolving around me, mostly of concern and frustration. An image of a girl in her late teens flashed through his thoughts and I belatedly realized that it was me…except I couldn't recognize her.

She was wearing a black hoodie with blue jeans with a ponytail tied. A book on biology was across from her, and a frown on her face appeared as she continued to read in concentration. Her face was sans makeup but there was a sort of glow around her. An innocence that I knew was long gone.

Then, another image of me appeared. This one I recognized right of as me. It was a visionof me a minute ago, with Aphrodite's teasing ministration. However, the emotion that I felt…from this exotic dancer was sadness and or misery.

That's when it struck me. While all the balding men leered at me, this man...this stranger had seen right through me, seen me right at my core.

Soul mate...

I thought to myself, oh my god, how long before I die? Would I continue dancing until I die?

His mind closed in on mine, and without realizing it, I stepped closer to him. His hands that cradled my cheek now rested on the back of my neck. His other arm was around my waist, pulling me closer and closer until only clothes were our barrier.

"I know you," I whispered, "You were in my chemistry class. You helped me out in calculus."

He nodded a sigh, "Yes."

I remembered just then... Second year of university, nineteen years old. I still hadn't fully trusted Pastor William's intentions, but on a specific snowy day, a tall blonde who had obviously been a senior had sat right across from while I worked through a calculus problem. Within minutes he had explained to me the derivatives and antiderivatives of...I can't remember now, but it was difficult. With a wink, he promised to see me later in the cafeteria. I waited five hours for him.

But I never saw him...

That is...until now.

"What took you so long?" I whispered, "I was waiting for you."

"I'm sorry," was his reply. I felt the regret though ten times and instantly forgave him.

We stood there for a while, just holding each other.

"Come with me," Jack whispered, his heated breath on my bare shoulder. I closed my eyes as I felt the robe being unknotted and nodded my assent.

Later that night, I wrote my resignation letter on a Kleenex and handed it to my boss. He was angry of course, and said a lot of curses before he let me go. I had no doubt that crowd would thin out after I left, looking for a lonely soul with magnificent body. They would find her and eventually drive her to her death. Each day would be hell, but that wouldn't stop the exotic dancer from reclaiming her stage.

This was all more than ten years ago.

I was currently sitting in the teacher's staff room, watching all my colleagues go out for a cup of coffee before calling out an order for myself. They happily agreed, accepting me as easily as I had adapted to my new life, which was surprisingly well. I hadn't known I would be such a good biology teacher and that the students would take an instant liking to me. I was very fortunate, and I thanked God everyday.

I knew that three hours from now I would go to my car. Pick up my five year old daughter, Sasha, and return home to my six years of husband Jack. I knew there were going to be trying times in the future and even more happiness. All I knew right now was that I was happy. That this wasn't a happy ending, but rather a new beginning.

Life had a way of messing up one's life when one least expects it.

One moment. I knew that in one moment, everything could change. In a nanosecond, one woman's life could be turned upside down if she found out that her husband of twenty years had been cheating on her with an exotic dancer down the street. The said exotic dancer would then laugh at the husband's face like the she-dog she truly was for ruining his life and breaking his heart, ultimately killing his soul.

In that one second, a loved one could have passed away as they breathed their last breath while stuck in the windshield of the car, which was plastered again a large now damaged willow tree. Their last thoughts had been about their family and what they would give to see them one more time, tell them one more time that he loved his family. That he already missed the smell of something exotic in his home or the late night kisses which were becoming infrequent. He wanted to tell his daughter to be careful, that life isn't all ha ha he he, but despite the hardship, she had to be strong. For her own sake, she had to be strong.

And not a millisecond, he felt darkness and knew that, without a doubt, that death had visited him.

All in a moment.

So when I saw the police officer walk to me one rainy night, I couldn't stop crying.


Edited a little bit. Yes, Jack does die in the end. The whole point of the story was how life could change in a moment. One moment Zora was a mistress to a seventy year old and the next she wasn't. One moment she was a stripper, living her life in misery and the next she was beginning a new life with Jack. One moment Jack was there and the next...gone.

This took a lot of effort to write, not to mention an open mind. Review responses are always welcome, but I don't appreciate flames. Criticize it with all your heart, but do let me know what you guys think about this story.