To Judge

The bell had rung

So I walked into class.

I took a seat

Second from last.

People filed in

One by one

Until everyone in the

Hallways were gone.

The teacher walked in

Wearing a dress

Which complimented her hair

Since it was also a mess.

She wore glasses

That were a mile thick

And on her lips were

Some 99 cent lipstick.

I looked to the right of me

And saw this chick

She was tall and skinny

So I guess she's anorexic.

The girl in front of me

Said her name was Clarise

She wore size 10 jeans

Whoa was she obese.

And the student behind me

Had a pimple-covered face

Boy was she ugly

Such a disgrace.

But then it hit me:

Ugly, skinny

Short or tall

Who was I to judge?

I didn't know

Any of them at all.