Its Time To...

Sitting on the floor

Pen in hand, thoughts in the sky

I fall down, I fall down hard.

I blink, I start to realize…

Its time to get out,

Its time to get out of that fantasy world

Throw out those miniskirts and jeans.

That eyeliner and mascara.

Its time to rush those obsessions out

To donate that iPod and Cd's

Its time to stop thinking I have talent

To stop think I have anything

Its time to stop thinking about what kind of person I am

Forget what I'm writing….

Stop crying…..thinking that I'm special

Its time to stop thinking that I can be better.

Its time for it to get in my head that I'm nothing

Less than a comma in the book of Life

Its time to stop pretending, to lose that life-long act

I'm a no one, a nothing, just a shadow, behind you

You don't know me, at all

Stop and face my gloomy future….

Remember that I'm nothing

Its time to go down, it time to finally breathe….

Its time to get real…

just a little piece of junk chosen randomly(im serious) from my notebook...not one of my good you can see...