Autumn is Crawling In

By: Sary

Summer has drifted away;

Autumn is crawling in.

Maple leaves scattered along the green grass.

Raking leaves;

Jumping in piles, having fun.



Temperature drop.

The season of autumn comes and goes.

Next comes winter,

Sparkling its frost

Snowflakes begin to fall.

I button up my coat,

I slip on my big boots

And take one step out into the frosty winter land.

I stick out my tongue,

Hoping to catch a snowflake.

Christmas comes and goes.

Then comes the New Year.

All winter long we make snow angels.

And drink hot chocolate. Yum!

Temperature rise.

Spring soon arrives;

Flowers sprouting from the ground.

The snow has all melted away.

Baby animals, warmer weather.

Temperature rise.

Summer peaks around the corner.
Swimming in the lake with friends.

Summer seems to come and go so quickly.

Summer has drifted away once again.

Autumn is crawling in.