Nighttime falls, all curtains close
Lights are dimmed, dreams imposed
All is still, save breath and time
And she's still working on that smile

The pavement's corrupt, the fountain's broke
The window's cracked, the neighbors croak
All's done in whisper behind cellar doors
But still she's willing to endure

Brigades of laughing buildings gather
As she escapes the yielding batter
Walking slow when heart beats shorten
The praise in question is never certain

Never sure but always dreaming
Corporate speed limits are ever-scheming
Make it, break it—she's learned in time
She'll always be working on that smile.

a.n—yeah i have no idea what my deal with stars has been lately. i seem to feature them a lot in my work in one way or another. anyway, this is for my friend whose name is in the title.