I traded in my eye sockets for a trusty pay per view,

I traded in my ears for high definition, but renew,

To renew my subscription I need not look further,

Than past my very own subtle hints and catastrophic murmur.

I look on past my own thoughts, in sequential order,

I know not why I didn't think of this before,

I'm a fool to ever think I would do this right the first time,

But I guess I'll fool myself into thinking that I have a rhyme,

If only lines one and two could rhyme in my life,

Instead of only on the paper where I can't forgo strife,

So I guess I'll say "what now? Where to?"

If you look through the teeth, past the throat, and down the trachea,

You'll find my lungs,

Each breath opening and closing,

Like the wind upon the trees, upon the grass, upon my drying hair,

I gaze back up and catch the sun's subtle stare,

It tells me of things I've never seen, I've never felt, And I never hope to dream,

So I guess I'll say "what now? Where to?"