New-Age Nazism (Working title)

Well, I was at school when I heard about it, and I was at school when it struck. By chance, I was also at school when it all began. I'm certain you're wondering what in God's name I'm talking about. To make this story short, I'd say that this about religious extremism and a few other things, but I'm not going to make this story short, in fact, I'll try to make it as lengthy as possible.

In short, I'm Cameron O'Connor, a freshman at Wheeling High School in Wheeling, Illinois. It's somewhere north, pretty close to Chicago, Illinois. First, you must know the cities nearby and their origins, it may become relevant somewhere in the future.

First, we'll start with the poorest city of Wheeling, where I grew up until age eleven when I moved to Buffalo Grove, the next poorest city; however I still go to Wheeling High School. Here is the line between money and lack thereof in the next city, the rest of these cities, monetarily-wise is just about the same, but I'll put them in order of monetary wealth and location from Buffalo Grove: Arlington Heights, Prospect Heights, Mount Prospect, and finally "rich-as-hell" Park Ridge. Now, I shall begin telling as from where I last remember. And when I say "poor", I don't by any means mean "dirt poor".

Let's start at the final performance of my musical "Crazy for You". Yes, I'm a drama geek, but many would say I look damn good for one. Well, it went off fine, this beginning actually rather irrelevant, so I'll spare you a few pages of boring talk about it, I'm only truly starting here because my memory is how do you say . . . poor? This is just from where I first remember.

Well, there were a lot of people in this musical who could have become very important players in the chess board that is my life. Every king needs his queen, right? Well, I very well could have found mine in the actress who was by chance playing my wife (cliché? I'd think very much so!). Well, her name was Evelyn. I have to say . . . she was a genius. However, fate conspired against me as we went to different schools in completely different activities, therefore we would never see each other at any sort of competition or tournament. Damn it. Well, it's not like I was truly upset at our departing after our final grand finale for a year.