At the first glance of him

Her heart set afire

Like candles in the dim of the night.

It blazed unwavering until a tiny breeze

Stalked through the open window and breathed

Away the flame and everything grew dark

As light disappeared and there was silence.

For more then a year the flame

She had lit blazed with passion

And undeniable attraction.

She had wished for the same,

A second candle lit so that they

Would burn together in the stillness

Of the night.

But it was on the 444th day that

The damned wind knocked against the

Window pain and forced itself through

The tiniest cracks

And in an instant, the flame diminished.

There was no hope now.

No possible way for them to burn together.

She had died and only the remnants of smoke

Wisps lingered in the air.

But she knew that soon, carried by the wind

That had condemned her, this essence would

Fly off into the night and disperse in all 4 directions.

She had waited too long.

She should've known that even candles melt

And that flames burn for only a period of time.

She had wasted this part of her life

For the second candle that would not light.