You're gone forever

I need you…
I want you come back with me.
It breaks my heart to hear that you left.
I need you more than you know it.
You're gone forever.

I wish I could say good bye to you.
All I need you to hug me.
All I need you to say to me "Just dream".
Just be mine for one night.
You stay with me until I fell asleep.
You kiss me on my forehead and look down to me.
You're gone when I woke up.

I need you to beside me forever.
You blew it the chance I gave you.
I know you will never come back again.
You're gone forever without tell me.

You never be there when I need you.
You don't care about me anything.
All I want is see you again one more time.
Don't tell me you going away again.
I cried for you all nights and think about you. WHY?
You hurt me, it breaks my heart.
You're gone and left me alone.

You came back after few years later.
Why? Why do you care for?
I just a girl you known since you met me.
I just a girl in your dream every nights you think of.
I push you away from me when you beg me go back with you.
It too late for you yo comes back to me.
I don't want to be hurt again.
You're gone forever all I known.