Lights are dimming
Hearts are beating
Making decisions

Am I
Am I
Just a waste of space
Where everyone looks the same
And if I
Or you
Lets go
Would anyone care?

Screw it
There is no hope for me
Move on
Walk past
I've held on for too long
I'm ready to let go from my anchor
Jump in
From this sea of look-a-likes

I'm ready to let go
To be free from all this crap
It can't get much worse then this
So let go
Just step off
And walk into the endless peace
Of my world

I'm ready to let go
To be free (x2)

Am I
Am I
Just another face in the crowd?
Oh no
Not this again
I'm falling in to fast
So let go
Bliss wont last
Don't look back
Or you'll end up my way
Going backwards.

Look up, it's all grey from here.