Fate and the Cosmos

Odyssey 1

It was like being inside a pincushion of light. Nothing could be heard outside of my Space Hazard Armor Suit. After the fierce battle, I was abandoned. My SHAS' legs had been shot off and the thrusters completely exhausted. The battle had moved on and with it my hopes of being rescued. The radio would not pick up….. I was truly alone. I guess I could have cried, but the tears would not come. My only salvation lied with a suicidal attempt that consisted of jumping from SHAS to SHAS, reaching the destroyed enemy MA-3 cruiser. This was easier said than done.

I already had my space survival suit on, and searched around in the dark cockpit. My pistol was right where I thought it was. Once again I felt around in the dark. My hand grasped a pulley of sorts, which was the emergency escape ejector. I closed my eyes and pulled it with all my might, but to my surprise nothing happened. Is this not working as well? I thought to myself, but before I could finish my thought the sound of the air being pushed out of the cockpit crashed all around me, and before I knew it I had been flung into space. As soon as my panic attack had ended, I realized where I was. I marveled at how weightless I was and the vastness of my surrounding. Ahead of me was my goal: a destroyed enemy SHAS. I attempted to swim closer but to no avail. I kicked away from my discarded pilot seat and it gave me the necessary amount of "thrust" to reach the broken SHAS.

Scars and bullet holes riddled its hide. I scrambled around it and took a peek inside. Floating within the confines of the cockpit was the body of a fallen enemy soldier. His cockpit had been shot and the bullets had struck him, and signs of the carnage were splattered inside. I quickly looked away at this horrible image. Maneuvering myself quite nimbly, I was able to kick away successfully from four more SHA-Suits before I was only many meters away from the cruiser. I looked toward the closest celestial body, a planet named Ezekiel. As I stared, I began to notice it coming closer and growing larger. Suddenly it dawned on me. I yelled in fear as the SHAS and I were pulled ever closer by the gravity of Ezekiel. Quickly, I planted the explosives device I had with me on the suit and prayed my space survival suit would be strong enough to resist the blast.

All of a sudden, the explosion propelled me away from Ezekiel. I was shaken, but fine. I really had to thank those who designed our space survival suit. As I regained my vision after being exposed to such a bright explosion, I saw that I was heading too fast toward some debris. I smashed my way past all of it, occasionally smacking some of it away or simply head-butting my way past it. Thanks to the debris, my momentum was slow enough for me to safely crash into the hull of the MA-3 cruiser. I scrambled to latch on to something. Finally I was able to get a hold of some pieces of metal sticking out of the ship.

I crawled for what seemed like ages, until I found an emergency hatch. I opened it up with great care, and once I was inside I closed it behind me. I activated the airlock and all of a sudden the room was decompressed. For the first time since the battle, I believed I may live to see my home again. The dimly lit decompressed room was claustrophobic, but I welcomed it and drew comfort. I took off my helmet and relaxed. After all that has happened today I welcomed sleep and passed out, unaware of the tribulations I would endure next.