Odyssey 4

The cold walls of the bay shook as the SHAS stepped closer and closer. As we backed away, I stumbled against a body. "Damn! Huh?" Suddenly my vision fixated upon the rifle the man was holding. I quickly scooped it up and pointed it at the approaching metallic being. Slowly we made our way back, but it kept advancing. Within the confines of the Iron man, I could see him laughing maniacally, his mind altered and black, twisted by death and despair. I blinked, and in that fleeting moment the metal monstrosity reeled, and launched its massive fist toward me. I quickly jumped out of the way, slamming into the wall.

With no time to lose, I began to fire upon it. With its arms, it attempted to shield its windowed area, but suddenly rushed toward me. The crash came so suddenly I could not tell what had just happened. I landed right outside the SHAS bay, and as I tried to stand up, pain shot up throughout my body, and I collapsed again. As I opened my eyes, I saw the rifle crushed under the giant's foot as he continued toward me. Was this how it was going to end? I thought to myself, and suddenly I once again found myself alone, within the borders of my destroyed vehicle, floating eternally in space. I could barely hear the thunderous crash of each foot as it closed in on me over the ringing in my ears. I closed my eyes again and began to accept death.

My eyelids glowed orange, and when I opened my eyes, I saw the SHAS that was about to kill me hit by an explosion. It stumbled and fell against the wall, its right arm severely damaged. I mustered all my strength to get up, and looked around. There! Yuria had stealthily moved past the SHAS and gotten into one herself. The red eye once again refocused. "David, please take care of the other problem." Suddenly he began to move toward Yuria. "Take this you bastard!" she yelled, but nothing happened. "Damn! Out of ammo?!" But by the time she had realized it David was already near. All I could hear was the repetitive sound of metal bashing against metal, the cold harsh sound filling the entire cruiser.

In a flash of luck, Yuria managed to punch the other SHAS, and hurled it backwards. Heavily damaged, Yuria attempted to move toward the SHAS bay entrance. As she moved closer and closer, the enemy SHAS was recovering and catching up. All of a sudden it grabbed Yuria's SHAS by the shoulders, and prepared for another punch. Sensing the danger, she quickly left the suit. As she landed on the floor, the cockpit was utterly destroyed as David crushed it with his SHAS' fist, showering Yuria with glass. He quickly tossed the empty destroyed husk and once again moved in on both of us. She quickly picked me up and carried me further away. As we ran down the hallway, we could hear it pursuing us, stomping its way closer and closer. Fatigue began to settle around me, and I found it harder and harder to keep up with Yuria. "C'mon! Lets go its only a little bit further!" but her words of encouragement were lost on me as my legs moved slower and slower. Then, in an instant, the hallway exploded into a dizzying pattern of red lights and darkness intermixing with one another. "Whats going on?" I asked, but her response was only "I don't know but we'll find out later!" We kept on running despite shocking new setting, even so the SHAS remained meters behind us.

The walls were abruptly filled with the familiar sound of the Eye's voice. "MA-3 Cruiser is within the gravitational confines of space body Ezekiel. Not enough Fuel remains to escape, prepare for emergency landing upon planet Ezekiel." "I've got an idea!" she said as we advanced down the corridor. "There's an armory nearby, I think theres something we can use in there!" She spouted, through her tired and raspy breath. The entire ship suddenly shook violently, sending us both into the floor. Even David's SHAS required to lean against a wall to keeps its footing. "What the hell was that?" I shouted at her, but she could only answer me with a confused stare. We quickly picked ourselves up and continued the chase deeper into the hallway. We struggled to keep our balance as the ship began to regularly shake and boom. "There it is!" She gasped, and we scurried as fast as we could toward the armory door. The ship began to screech and howl, making ghostly noises as it took the punishment of Ezekiel's atmosphere. As we quickly entered the room, the SHAS had already caught up and began to flail against the door. The SHAS had no trouble destroying the door, but it was too big to fit. Slowly it began to reach inside with its gargantuan arm, but the armory was too large and we quickly made our way to the other end of the room.

As we looked for something to use against it, the cruiser once again violently rocked, this time with far more force than ever before. We were slammed against the walls and then everything went dark.