Friendship Call

Friends are a safety net,

To catch you when you're falling,

And to you solve your problems.

Friends help you when you're down,

They pick you up off the ground

And they listen to you - always.

Friends notice everything about you,

They watch your back

And they always know how to help you.

Friends help you to the end,

You know they're always there for you,

To help you on the other side

Of the fence.

Or are they?

Or do they?

Or can they?


Do they laugh at your expense?

Do they talk about you behind your back?

Do they call you names?

Do they call you hurtful names?

Do they say your name with hate and spite?

And say your. . . well. . .

Do you know your friends at all?

Are they friends or friends?

Because friendships are precious, pretty, pure.

Is it really a friendship?

You'll not know for sure.

Watch your back,

For there may be someone watching you.

But you'll never know.