Girl's point of view.

"God I am so hungry." I complained loudly as we walked around the mall, our fingers entwined together.

"When are you not hungry, Paige?" Jax asked, looking at me in wonder. I scowled at him and he obliged, leading me to an ice cream stall.

This wasn't what we usually did after classes. Hanging out in the mall? I'm supposed to be doing that with girls, not my boyfriend! Guys will never understand the need for us girls to shop, anyway. That's why I wasn't carrying any shopping bags around. I didn't like shopping with him. He got all cranky and stuff. How do I know this? I don't. We've only been going out for a month. Yeah, and I pretend I know so much about him, right? Well, I assume. I know, I know, it's wrong. I should give him a chance! Yeah, we'll see. When it comes to shopping, I kinda stick to girl company, thank you very much.

Right, back to the ice cream stall.

"Here we are." He said, standing in front of a rather long line.

"Here we indeed are." I replied.

"Paige, I need to go to the bathroom bad. Can you get the ice cream by yourself?"

I glared at him. He made his cute, pleading face that he originally had used to get me to go out with him in the first place, and I just nodded. He ran off in the other direction.

I looked back at the long line. What the hell. It seemed like right at the moment I felt hungry so did the rest of the world. I took a deep breath and stood behind some girls, who were giggling for particularly no reason. Okay, one thing you need to know about me: I'm impatient. Especially if I'm hyper or hungry or pissed. And right now, I was hungry. And a bit hyper. So, yeah, automatically I was impatient. Luckily, so were a few of the other people in line. At least four bailed out, grumbling and cursing, making the line considerably shorter. Considering this as a sign from god that patience was virtue, I bit my tongue and waited. And waited.

Finally! My turn! I quickly ordered a chocolate chip double scoop and watched the man behind the counter whip up the order. I could hardly control my saliva as I watched him, fixing up my scoop ever so slowly. I glowered at him, willing him to work faster. Nope, that guy was definitely gay. No real man would ever take so much time whipping up a chocolate chip double scoop. Seriously. Ugh. I was hungry here, people!

Finally, once the cone was safely in my hands, I slammed down the money on the counter with a little attitude, to show he had pissed me off, then turned away and walked off, my full attention on the dripping cone in front of me. I licked it, savoring the taste and coldness it brought to my body. Yep, the perfect snack. It had the right flavor, the right iciness and you could just tell yourself you're eating frozen milk so you didn't even feel that guilty about it! I mean, moms always bother you about the importance of milk, right? Hey, we're getting it in a more delicious way! Same thing.

I was so engrossed in my dairy wonder that I didn't notice the guy shouting after me.

"Miss, wait!"

Now it was so loud I had to turn around, wondering which poor guy was embarrassing himself and some girl. I raised my eyebrows as I realized the poor girl was me. Oookaaayy.

By the time the guy reached me, he was so out of breath he had to bend over to be able to catch it. Talk about overacting. I didn't make him run that much. Jeez. Guys. Attention seekers, seriously.

He finally regained his composure and looked up, holding out paper bills.

"Hey, you forgot your…"

It was either I didn't hear what was the rest he said since I was too in shock or he really trailed away I'll never know. All I knew right then was… well, nothing. I could just stare. Stare into his calm blue eyes.

He was a stranger, of that I was sure. I would remember that gorgeous face. I'd be dreaming about it if I had ever seen it before.

Someone bumped into me and we broke eye contact. That seemed to shake both of us.

"Your money." He said, his voice unwavering, even rather bored. But damn, was it sexy. Oh god, I even liked his voice. Bet he thought I was a complete slut, staring at him like that. Shit.

"Thanks." I muttered, my own voice barely coming out. His hand brushed mine while we exchanged the bills and I felt the ice cream in my stomach churn. I waited for the money to go slack in my hand but it didn't. He was still holding on to it. I pulled slightly and he let go with a jerk, as if he had just remembered.

"Hey, what's going on?"

At that moment, I felt a hatred for that voice that had just disturbed us.

Jax. Holy shit my boyfriend is right behind me.

But even that fact didn't urge me to move away. But that unknown guy did. He gave me one last look, then turned away, heading back to the ice cream stall. I sighed. My dream was over.

"Who was that?" Jax asked, his voice suspicious.

"No one." Well, it is kinda true.

"Did he touch you or anything?" he asked, cracking his knuckles. Please.

"No, Jax, calm down." I replied, going back to licking my already melting ice cream.

"I swear, if he did, I'm gonna go and show him a thing or two about touching my girl. Those kind of people need to—

I tuned out, knowing Jax couldn't and wouldn't do anything. Give me a break. Jax was like a kid compared to that guy.

With a glimmer of hope, I looked back, trying to spot him. Maybe I could get rid of Jax and go after him. Ask his number or something. I know, too pathetic, but I just knew I wouldn't ever see him again.

But he wasn't there. He was nowhere in sight. I sighed, going back to my ice cream. Maybe it was never meant to be. Let go of it, Paige. Maybe it wasn't meant to be.

But I just knew it was.

Guy's point of view.

Why was I alone in the mall, wandering around like a jerk who had nothing better to do in life? Because I guess that's who I was. Corey, my girlfriend, was at cheerleader practice, and the guys were at some club. Why didn't I go with them? I don't know, I just ain't that kinda guy. Getting drunk and then screwing some unknown girl and not remembering a thing the next morning? Not my idea of fun.

I would have stayed home instead, banging away on the computer or PS2 but Corey's birthday was coming up, and I needed to go look for a present.

I had been through numerous shops, gift shops, jewelry shops, card shops, even clothes shops, but I just couldn't find anything that clicked. And I guess I knew the reason why.

A couple of people had begun warning me about Corey. That she was cheating on me. I waved them all off. Nah, that could never happen. We've been going out for a year now and she was faithful to me. But the amount of rumors I heard, and a couple of proofs I've seen, left me a bit doubtful. Yeah, so I've seen her with a couple of guys but she always had a good reason for it. And I believed her. She wasn't like that.

That's what I told myself anyway.

I gave up, deciding to have a break and go get some ice cream. I needed something cold to numb my brain. Then maybe I could pull myself together and find something decent.

I noticed the line at the nearest ice cream stall and groaned. Ah well.

I stood behind a girl with short dark brown hair. She was until my chin and I could see well over her head. I shoved my cold hands into my pockets and let out a low breath of air, focusing on reaching the ice cream stall and not thinking about some stupid dumb rumors.

It was almost my turn but that gay guy behind the counter was taking a bit too long to get the girl's order. Once he was finally done, I watched as the girl slammed the money on the counter. Okay, she was pissed. But the clueless cashier didn't notice a thing, taking the money and counting it. I waited for him to be done with the money thing to give him my order.

"Maam, here's your change…" the cashier looked up and found me instead. He looked around me to see the girl walk away. He slumped and looked at me in despair. He's eyes pleaded me but I didn't move.

"Oh come on, this is my first day and I don't want to get fired." He said.

"You think I care?" I muttered but took the money anyway, the chivalrous side of me taking control. I stepped out of the line and looked around, trying to find that dark brown head.

"For heaven's sakes." I walked a couple of paces, searching frantically for that girl. I caught sight of a dozen similar heads but they all turned out to be someone without an ice cream cone.

Then I caught sight of the familiar figure, already half way across the mall. I couldn't help it, I broke into a run.

"Hey!" I yelled. Loads of people turned heads, but not her.

"Hey, miss!" I shouted once more. But oh no, that problematic girl wouldn't turn around.

How much could a person get into their ice cream?

"Miss, wait!"

I swear, I could have cheered on the spot when I saw her finally stop and turn. I reached her and bent over, trying to catch my breath. Sure, I practiced almost daily for the sports I played and yet running through a mall packed with people was a sport in itself.

I could feel her gaze on me and I straightened up, holding out the wad of paper bills.

"Hey, you forgot your…"

I trailed away. I had to. My brain had stopped working. Literally. I could hear the motors screech to a halt as I gazed at her.

She was… beautiful. Her dark brown hair fell lightly around her face, giving it an almost aura-like look. The chocolate brown eyes pulled me in, trapping me. Her rosy cheeks and soft lips gave her such an innocent look I instantly felt protective over her.

I had never seen her before. I couldn't have. I would have definitely remembered. Definitely.

Someone accidentally bumped into her and broke our eye contact, pulling me out of my dreams.

"Your money." I managed to get out. I was surprised at my own voice. So calm and strong. So not how I felt.

"Thanks." She muttered, not completely looking me in the eye anymore. Holy shit. She was probably spooked out. Well, what else do you expect, David, seeing as how you've been staring at her for an hour now! She probably thought you were some stalker or something! Smooth move, man!

"Hey, what's going on?"

I looked up to see a guy stand behind the girl, frowning. I immediately backed off. There was a guy. So she wasn't alone. So that meant I had to get out of here.

The girl didn't turn away, but I had to. This guy could be her boyfriend her something and, although I knew if we began to fight I would certainly win (no offense, but the guy needed to work out), I didn't want to make a scene. I gave her one last look, then as painful as it was for me, I walked away.

I willed myself to not look back. No, it wasn't right.

Once I was back at the ice cream stall, I looked back. I had to. Maybe I really should just go beat up the guy. If I could get the girl, it would be worth it.

But they were nowhere in sight.

I sighed. I walked all way to the front of the line and the guy gave me my order first, remembering who I was. I took the ice cream and headed out of the mall and into my car. I couldn't go looking for Corey's gift anymore. There was no chance I could concentrate any better than before.

As I turned on the engine, I fell back into my seat, finishing the cone in big bites.

Forget it, Dave, it was never meant to be. She was some unknown girl. Who probably had a boyfriend and a happy life. Never meant to be.

Yet, I wasn't satisfied.

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