The Beggar on The Street.

Seperated from the people,

Neglected by my family

And exposed to the world.

I am rejected

Unimportant in the eyes of men.

Unloved and trapped

In this hated world of suffering.

Weak and abnormal

Left out of life,

Scared and lonely

The unhappiness is mine.

I am confused

Questioning the ways of men,

Misunderstood and excluded

Different from the world around me.

Sad and insecure
Vulnerable to the bullies.

Depressed and cold

Desperate to be happy.

I am dissatified

Guilty of things I haven't done.

Embarrased and humble

Worried by the angry people.

'Stupid' is what they call me.

'That filthy little child'.

'The threat to our community'.

'The beggar on the street'.

I used to have all I ever wanted…

But now?

Is there no-on who can show me

How to win the worlds forgiveness?