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Prologue Part One- TheWicked Witch Has Come To Town

Once upon a time there was an evil witch who lived in a spooky castle deep in a haunted forest. She was the most beautiful woman in the world, but very vain because of it. She couldn't stand the thought of becoming old or ugly, so once every quarter of a century she would steal little children and eat their souls to remain beautiful and young, or else she would turn into an old and ugly crone. So the wicked witch lures naughty children who disobey there mothers out to her castle with her devil spells and evil demon magic. At her castle she fattens them up with magical cakes and candies till they get so big from their gluttony they can't even walk! Once they are lazy and trusting she devours them, soul and all.

This kidnapping of innocent, albeit naughty children had been going on for centuries before a strong and handsome young prince rode into the destitute village determined to save them from their plight. He set off the next day on his trusty steed, and- Aidan stop laughing! You said you wanted to hear this story." Melody directed to her young daughter whose constant giggles throughout the story had now turned into full-fledged peals of uncontrollable laughter.

"But… it's… so funny!" the little girl said in between bursts of laughter.

"Mama, do people really believe that?" Aidan managed to say after she regained some of her composure but soon lost control again as she said "… trusty steed?!"

Melody regarded the blonde little girl sitting next to her who was clutching her ribcage and rolling around on the grass and her lips perked up slightly. "So I take it you don't like handsome young princes, or there trusty steeds? But…," Melody asked in mock horror "who will save you when you need to be rescued Aidy?!"

Drawing herself up to her full 4"5 inches, Aidan Rebecca Harper proudly replied with all the dignity her 7 year old self could muster, "I" she stressed, "can take care of myself! I won't ever need any smelly old prince to save me."

"Besides, Daddy said he was going to teach me how to be a soldier, just like he was, when he gets back from trading. I'm going to learn how to fight, and ride, and shoot on my own bow, and throw knives, and maybe even get my own sword!" Aidy squealed with excitement. Hypnotized by the idea she jumped on a tree stump waving around a dead branch she had just picked up off the ground, neigh her sword, while she fended off imaginary attackers left and right. Now completely invested in the battle, Aidan dove off the stump, about to tackle her evil villain and arch-nemesis to the ground and save the day before she suddenly froze, dangling in mid-air.

Suspended three feet above ground, Aidan pouted and slowly turned her head to frown at her Mother.

"Well Aidan, what about your magic? It can help too you know." Melody stated, watching her daughter put her tiny hands on her hips taking a defensive stance, which didn't really do much seeing as she was still hanging horizontally in mid-air.

"Mama, I know that!" Aidan said exasperatedly, "But, you said I couldn't use magic in a fight because its dishonorable and not fair to who I'm fighting against because they don't have magic. Soooo," she lectured "I would need to learn how to fight like a man without magic because I'll be fighting people who don't have magic."

Seeing the spirit in the seven year-old girl, and knowing her mind wouldn't ever be changed, Melody knew her battle was over even at this young age in her daughter's life. Melody had lost, Aidan wouldn't be a healer like her mother, she wouldn't be able to be kept safe from harm, and would end up leaving. There was just too much of her father in her to do otherwise. She was a fighter, born and bred. Just as her father was a soldier in the King's Own, Aidan would need to find something to fight for some cause as well. She would leave one day, and whether she would ever return home was unclear at this time, but Melody was determined to prepare her daughter as best she could to survive.

"Aidan honey, listen to me. Fighting with magic and fighting with fists or knives are the same. Both are talents that can be developed and honed. You train whatever you have to the best of your ability. Don't be a bully and abuse your powers, both magical and non, on the weak and defenseless. That makes you a coward and a loser. But if it's a real fight, and you're in trouble, you use your magic, okay? Don't be stupid and let a false sense of honor get yourself killed when you easily could've survived. When someone picks a fight with you they pick the whole package, magic and all. So when you're in danger you use every weapon in your arsenal, including magic." Mel took a deep breath after her speech not knowing where exactly it came from or why she was preaching it at this moment to her seven year old daughter but she was aware of the strong passionate emotion in her voice and the overwhelming need to make her daughter understand.

"Of course Mama, I'm not stupid!" Aidan said rolling her eyes, "Now can you please let me down now?" she whined, unaware of how serious her mother was at that moment.

Eying her daughter Mel knew that the time when she would leave was still far off yet, and she would just have to enjoy all the time they still had together. She shrugged off the despair that was closing in on her at those depressing thoughts. Mel decided she was being way too dramatic and broke into a mischievous grin, right before Aidy fell smack onto a pile of old, wet leaves.

Aidan lifted her burning blue eyes to her mother's hazel brown, frowning as she spat out some of the foliage that had managed to find its way into her mouth. She was able to see her mother sprout a malicious grin and taunt, "Who's the wicked witch now?" before turning tail and running all the way home laughing, with Aidy rapidly approaching behind her, hot on her trail, set on revenge.