The Inner Conflict

"What happened to Estelin?" Dr Cera asked as Link placed Estelin on the bed.

"I am not too sure she was outside grabbing the new filly at Claire's and then she was throwing up and then passed out," Luke said as he entered the bedroom.

"Did anything happen before she passed out?" Dr Cera asked.

"Well her Uncle Tobias did show up," Link said as he smoothed back a hair behind Estelin's head.

"What do you mean that Tobias was there?" Darion replied as she wrapped his arm around Estel's shoulder as he noticed tears in the corner of her eye.

"Well we were about to start doing one of the horses hooves when Tobias entered the barn looking for a horse and Estelin told him that there were none of what he was looking for and then she followed him out in to the barn yard and that is all I know," Link said. "Nothing really bad happened. Though I do remember hearing Tobias saying to Estelin that it starts now." Link told Dr Cera.

"How long after did she pass out?" Victoria asked.

"I would say a good 20 minutes." Link replied.

Everyone then turned to face Estelin as they started hearing growls coming from her. "Did she just growl?" Victoria asked.

"Yes I believe that she just growled," Link replied as Estelin started thrashing around in the bed as if she was fighting someone.

*In Jens dream world*

"I told you before I will not back down from you and that I will take what is rightfully mine. Even if it means that I have to destroy you in your subconscious mind." Tobias said.

With that a male and female wicked laugh could be heard. Estelin looked over to where it was coming and saw that it was her aunt Anita and a male she did not know. She thought that it was probably her uncle Caleb as she never met him but the male looked just like her family.

"Welcome my brother and sister to the night that ends our niece." Tobias said as Anita and Caleb move to stand beside him.

"I think this fight will work out in our favor," Anita said.

"I agree with you, though I have never battled before with her." Caleb told his sister.

"After that we can fully take over the worlds." Tobias said with a wicked laugh.

"Not if I have a breath left in me." Estelin said with a growl.

"We will all stop you." Anita snarled. With that Anita and Caleb lunged at Estelin.

For an hour Anita, Caleb and Estelin fought tooth and claw.

It was coming up to three hours when Estelin finally through down Anita and Caleb.

Tobias was getting a little panicky. He then turned and faced his niece and said "This is not the last of me, and one more thing don't be upset to see everyone gone", and left.

Estelin was then thrown into another seen where she saw herself with pups crying. She was unable to see the ladies face but she heard the lady say, "Hush my little ones mommies hear. Daddy and everyone are still watching over us from up above with the stars and the moon. We will see them one day". This was followed by a few more sense of Estelin by herself with everyone dead.

These sense of Estelin alone had scared her so much that she sat up right so fast as she woke up that she startled everyone in the room.

"Estelin what's wrong?" Link asked as he rushed back to sit beside the bed. As Link placed his hand on Estelin's shoulder she screamed and started rocking back and forth saying, "He's dead, they are dead, everyone's gone, they are just memories."

At that moment when everyone heard Estelin scream they all came running in to the room.

"What happened Link," Darion asked with authority. As he asked the question he noticed Estelin rocking back and forth repeating, "He's dead, they are dead, everyone's gone, they are just memories."

Darion then sat on the other side of Estelin and placed his hand on top of hers. Which caused Estelin to scream even more.

Estel then ran over to Estelin and tried to calm her down which sent her into even more hysterics.

Link then started to growl which sounded more like a purr to calm her down. When Estelin was calm enough she said, "This is not real. You all are dead." With tears stream down her cheeks which stung a few of the scratches.

"Estelin what are you talking about, we are alive as you are." Link said with a purr.

"They said that you were all gone, " Jen whimpered.

"Who is they," Darion asked as he swiped Jen's bangs behind her ear.

"Caleb, Anita, and Tobias," Jen said as she started to cry whimpering.

With that everyone came in to the room to see who was crying When Jen saw that everyone was truly a live and right in front of her she let out a cry of joy as everyone came and gave a group hug which was followed by Jen smiling and regulating her breathing.