Have you ever stood outside all alone on a cool Autumn day and just wished you could stay out there forever?
You just stand there watching the leaves changing colors and falling from the trees as the afternoon sun casts an eerily peaceful light on everything around you.
And that same light falls on you and warms you up and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and you stare up into the sky and just watch the clouds and airplanes go by.
And then you sit down on the dirt floor and get your jeans all dirty which you normally would have hated but right now everything feels different and you just don't care.
And you think about things like how you and your brother constantly fight but you still can't wait to see him play soccer the next day and you know how excited you'll be if he wins.
Or how you and your sister are nothing alike and the only time you get along is when you're remembering all the games you played together when you were young.
Or how you constantly hear from your parents how stupid and worthless you are and it makes you so mad and you know going out and getting drunk every weekend won't solve anything but you still do it anyway.
But then you think about your best friend and say to yourself, "Oh my God, where would I be without him?"
And you think about how strange people are and how crazy this world is and why things that shouldn't happen do happen.

And you sort of think it's all your fault.

But all you know is that there's no place you'd rather be then right there on the dirt floor in your backyard watching the world go by in slow motion.
But then you hear your name being called and the peace is broken and you fear that maybe that short lived moment of peace was meant just for you to think about how you can save the world.

But maybe you just wasted that moment thinking about yourself and it will never come back and you know there's no way for you to save the world when you can't even save yourself.