But… Still

Why are we meant to love?

It only causes us pain

We become afraid to let people in

Then a guy makes us try again

We let them in but,

Why do we believe?

When guys tell us that

They won't make us cry

Therefore, we let them in

Give them our hearts but,

They take our hearts willingly knowing

That all they will do is hurt us

They tell us that our heart is safe with them

But then again, it is not safe with anyone

Not even ourselves but,

We still believe them

When they say they aren't like the others

This world is cold

And in their arms we still weren't warm

They say they wont make us cry but,

They said they will be there for you

But in reality they aren't

They say they keep their heart next to yours

But in reality, that is a lie

They only think of themselves but,

Then the end of it comes when

You break down inside

The pain is too much to bare

Then you can't trust again

But as the new guy comes along

You pull away… but,

Knowing that he could be the one

But being hurt your afraid

To trust him with your heart

So you end up losing in the end

Because he gives up the fight for you